Exercises on the press for girls

Additional exercises

There are quite a few exercises that focus on the development of the press. The most popular include:

  1.   Lifting body with twisting . When performing this exercise, the main effort falls on the straight and oblique abdominal muscles. Perform an exercise on an incline bench. When performing, do not use the force of inertia, since there will be no efficiency from twisting and lifting the case. To do this, follow each approach slowly. The neck should not bend too much, as there is a chance of damage to the neck. Helping with arms and legs is also impossible. It is worth remembering that the greatest load should be directed to the muscles of the press.
  2.   “Corner” on the forearms . The classic version of this exercise on the press provides for its execution on uneven bars. During the repetition, all the abdominal muscles are involved, at the time of lifting the legs, you should inhale, at the time of lowering – exhale.
  3.   The program aimed at the development of stabilizing abdominal muscles.
  4.   Stance lying down . Exercise is to maintain the correct rack for a long time. During execution, the abdominal muscles should be used to maintain a parallel position of the body relative to the floor. To do this, the legs must be placed on a hill, the height of which allows you to get the necessary position, for example, the BOSU ball.

There is a huge number of complexes, the implementation of which is aimed at developing the abdominal muscles of girls.

Which muscles are stabilizing, what are the main ones?

Conventionally, all muscles can be divided into two more groups: stabilizing and main. The abdominal muscles are the most important stabilizers of the human body. Their main task is to preserve the stability of the body during movement. They also support the core muscles. If you do not pay attention to their development, a situation may arise in which it will be impossible to perform proper movements due to the loss of control over the body. That is why the press should pay attention not only because of the desire to get a beautiful, relief belly, but also for general physical development.

Auxiliary inventory

To perform many exercises should pick up the necessary equipment. Often during the development of the press the following inventory is used:

  • Inclined bench – used to twist and lift the body. Its feature can be called the presence of elements for fixing the legs. In addition, the exercise is carried out with a backward slope, which allows you to create a maximum load on the abdominal muscles.
  • Gymnastic ball – made of vinyl and have great strength. When performing exercises, the gymnastic ball acts as an unstable support, which allows you to create additional stress on the stabilizing muscles of the back.
  • The BOSU ball is a semi-circular object. Previously used exclusively by athletes during the recovery period after injuries. Its feature can be called the fact that one surface is flat, the second is spherical. It can be installed on two planes, creating a stable or mobile base to increase the load on stabilizing muscles.

Exercises on the press can also be worked out on the crossbar or parallel bars. The main feature is that one part of the body is fixed, while the other remains mobile. The oblique abdominal muscles develop when you turn turns to the side in the training at the time of the repetitions of a particular exercise.

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