Where to learn Nordic walking?

Scandinavian walking is not often mentioned on trendy fitness sites. But the market for such training is quite developed and active competition reigns in it. And all because they are in great demand among pensioners and people in need of physical rehabilitation – and these are clients predisposed to pay for the preservation of their health.

Recently, the state added fuel to the fire of this competition, including walking with sticks in the list of exercises for passing the TRP standards for older people. Now, physical education teachers, social workers and employees of various health programs, such as Active Longevity, have paid attention to Scandinavian walking.

However, not all instructors and schools selling Nordic walking training services are competent enough for this. In every second video on YouTube , which teaches walking with sticks, there are gross mistakes in technique.

I have selected three organizations that seem to me to deserve the attention of those who are interested in Nordic walking, but there are probably many more.

1. Russian National Scandinavian Walking Association – the official representative of INWA (International Pole Walking Federation) in Russia.

INWA is an organization created by the people who pioneered the origins of Nordic walking. We can say that in a sense, this is the primary source and trendsetters of such training. This year the federation celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

INWA’s head office is actively engaged in research on the health effects of Nordic walking, and conducts sports and educational events. Their representative office in Russia has existed since 2010.

The Russian National Association of Scandinavian Walking conducts training courses and issues instructor diplomas of international standard. This training is primarily aimed at working with older people. And the emphasis in it is on practical exercises and psychological aspects of such work.

2. Project ” Nordic Health ” led by Candidate of Medical Sciences Christina Volodina.

Volodina is an assistant at the Department of Sports Medicine and Medical Rehabilitation at Sechenov University (First Med), co-author of a textbook on Scandinavian walking as a rehabilitation practice for doctors published by this university.

First honey actively promotes Scandinavian walking as a rehabilitation practice on the initiative of the head of the Department of Sports Medicine, Doctor of Medicine Evgeny Achkasov . Accordingly, all educational lectures and seminars that are broadcast on the Nordic Health website are directly related to the scientific work of this department. In addition to training seminars, the project conducts practical training.

3. School of Scandinavian walking Nastya Poletaevo th

Perhaps the most commercially successful and massive Scandinavian walking project in Moscow.

Its founder is the author of a popular review book on Nordic walking and is an extremely versatile person. She is not only a trainer, but also a coach , the creator of the school of conscious movement, a body-oriented psychologist, a student of Dr. Ajan Phra Chatri Hemapandha , a Buddhist monk, abbot of the temple “Wat Abhidhamma Buddhavihara ” (all this is written on her website). Accordingly, she provides information about walking through the images of energy management, detoxification of the body , which are fashionable among modern coaches .

At the same time, Poletaeva’s project is the only one that I have seen that offers training not only for weakened people, but also for physically strong people, aimed at increasing speed. She also actively supports the Russian Federation of Nordic Walking (ruswalk.ru) – a public organization that is trying to make walking with sticks a mass sport.

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