What are generics? How to make the right choice?

Generics are medicines that are sold under names other than those used by the brand name developer of the original drug. According to the current classification, they include all medical products that are created on the basis of an active substance that is no longer protected by patents. They are in no way inferior to the originals, copying all their properties, and have the full support of the WHO (World Health Organization), as they allow you to get quality treatment cheaper.

Generics and original products – similarities and differences

Such pills become a cause of constant confusion among consumers, as there is a common myth about their lower effectiveness. In fact, this is not true, because they are created on the basis of a similar active substance, so they do not differ in terms of their effect on the body.

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Many manufacturers of original medicines use their production facilities to produce also high-quality generics – analogs with the same effectiveness, but at a lower cost. For the manufacturer, this is just another way to expand their market. The customer gets a pill with the same properties but a different appearance and price.

Effectiveness of copies

Most manufacturers produce completely similar products, using not only the same formula, but also the dosage of the active ingredient. But some change the composition, which is reflected in the instructions. As a result, the consumer who chose a generic rather than the original drug needs to carefully study the instructions to know the exact daily dose.

Such drugs are always tested to ensure that they do not differ in their safety and clinical effect from the originals. For this, special services are responsible for this, which test new brands, comparing the results obtained with the reference sample released earlier. This makes it possible to prohibit the importation into the territory of the country of low-quality products that can harm a person, not cure him.

How to choose the right generic

First of all, you can pay attention to means that are not produced under any particular brand. Usually they have the name of the active substance, for example, pancreatin is a full analog of “Mezim”, but at the same time costs many times cheaper. However, in this case there is a risk of getting a low-quality and very cheap copy, which will not be too useful for the body.

It is better to pay attention to established companies that have been producing generics – tablets, drops and sprays – for a long time. Such companies include KRKA, Actavis, Lek, Aegis, KRKA, Hexal and some others. Indian manufacturers are known for adding less active ingredient, so take their products with caution.

Suspiciously low cost should be a source of caution, as it may indicate poor product quality or even a fake, where there is practically no active ingredient. Such placebos may not even cope with an ordinary cold. An exception can be considered drugs that have been produced for more than half a century. For them, the minimum cost is the norm.

Do not be afraid if the chosen generic has a different shape, color or size. This is due to the fact that they may differ in the composition of inactive components that do not have any effect on the work of the body. If there is a predisposition to allergic reactions to certain substances, then it is necessary to consult a doctor before using an analog.

A correctly selected copy will be an excellent substitute for the original remedy, providing a similar therapeutic effect at a significantly lower cost.

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