Vulvar cyst

The vulvar cyst is extremely rare. Often in this area there is a cyst of the large gland of the vestibule, which usually belongs to retention cysts, resulting from a blockage (inflammatory process) of the excretory duct and the secretion in the gland cavity. The size of the cyst does not usually exceed the size of a pigeon or chicken egg. In rare cases, its size is larger. With suppuration of the cyst, an abscess of the large gland of the vestibule is formed, which is accompanied by sharp pain, hyperemia of the gland and surrounding tissues, high body temperature, elevated ESR and leukocytosis 

The diagnosis of vulvar cyst

The diagnosis of cysts of the large gland of the vestibule is not difficult. The cyst is easily distinguished from the inguinal hernia descending through the inguinal canal into the large shameless lip.

Vulvar cyst treatment

Surgical treatment. The operation consists in husking a cyst from its bed. The cyst bed is sutured with catgut sutures. Silk sutures are applied to the skin of the wound. Puncture and emptying of the cyst give a temporary effect, since the secret in the gland cavity accumulates repeatedly.
The cyst of the large gland of the vestibule is sometimes bilateral and, as a rule, is a consequence of gonorrhea infection.
In the vulvar region, cysts of a different origin are sometimes observed: atheroma, dermoid, hydradenoma, and very rarely a cyst originating from the Gartner ducts. The latter often spread simultaneously to the vagina.

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