Treating depression at home

There are many ways you can do it at home, and you can start with eating right. It has long been proven that certain foods – such as nuts, chocolate, hard cheeses, fatty sea fish, and brightly colored fruits and vegetables – have a positive effect on our mood, so why not add natural and healthy “fuel” to the body?

Adequate sleep is very important for recovery, so it is best if it is at least 8 hours. Yes, with depression with sleep, many have problems, but if you think about it, you can remove many factors that prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Do not watch movies at night, go to bed at the same time, create conditions in which it will be better for you to fall asleep.

Physical activity and fresh air are a good answer to the question of how to get out of depression, so instead of constantly lying on your bed, try to force yourself to get up and move. Even a walk in the park will have a positive effect on your mood.

Many psychotherapists recommend mastering meditation techniques. This is what leads to the restoration of inner harmony and stress relief, and these symptoms very often accompany depression.

Complications of depression

Depression is not only extremely unpleasant in itself, but can also cause a number of quite tangible physical complications.

  • People with cancer, diabetes, and those who have certain heart problems may feel their condition worsening.
  • Physical pain that can affect any part of the body – head, legs, arms, back, abdomen. This is not a manifestation of any other ailment, it is a consequence of depression, which is present in half of people with this disorder.
  • Decreased sex drive. It affects both men and women, while men may have not only a lack of interest in sex, but also problems with erection in the future.
  • Various behavioral disorders, including alcoholism, drug use, isolation and communication problems. In severe cases, depression can result in suicide.

Depression prevention

It is easier to prevent than to cure – this is true for many diseases, including depression. By taking care of your psychological well-being in advance, you can significantly reduce the very likelihood of unpleasant symptoms. Some skills will be useful not only as prevention, but also in deciding how to cope with depression, if it does overtake you.

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