Smoking and alcohol

These things are not compatible with any sport, but especially with bodybuilding.

Everything is simple here: one day you drink, then minus one workout.

Those. drank one bottle of wine, champagne or a glass of water – in vain went into the hall. So count how many times a month they thumped (I suspect that almost every weekend) and if more than you went to the gym, then your muscles do not grow, but decrease! This is a fact tested on myself repeatedly.

Alcohol reduces muscles and inhibits their growth.

You can drink a few glasses for important holidays, there is nowhere to go. And something better is not strong. Well, do not go around drooling, athletes.

Our goal is to build muscle? So, forget about the booze! Believe me, the best motivator is your pumped up body in the mirror. Alcohol interferes, so just do not buy it in the store and that’s it.

Cigarettes are not such a strong enemy of bodybuilding as booze, but they also inhibit muscle growth. The reason is simple: the one who smokes gets tired faster in the gym, he has very weak endurance. It is checked on itself. When I smoked (up to 27 years, starting from the university), the duration of the training increased by 15-20 minutes. And not because I did the exercises more, but because I had to rest 3 times as much time between sets. Here, of course, there wasn’t much strength either. Anyway, I remember, I often felt bad after training, my head was spinning … I quit smoking and after a few months I realized what it means to do it in pleasure. The mood is better, feeling better, strength is increasing.

Conclusion – quit smoking (if you smoke, of course) and you will have muscle growth. Not sure how to quit?

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