Purpose of antidepressants

There is another not very pleasant moment, which we have to talk about only because we live in Russia. In order to get a prescription for drugs, you will have to contact the district psycho-neurological dispensary at your place of residence. It should be noted that these institutions are very different from similar western ones, alas, not for the better. Naturally, in a depressed state, promoted by depression, you will want to be treated first, as a person, and not as a patient with a regular diagnosis. But the system of domestic psychiatry is still very far from that. I would like very much that you did not encounter this, but most likely you will feel a strong estrangement, a barrier between yourself and the district psychiatrist. Just be prepared for this, try to understand that a psychiatrist is an ordinary person, with a small salary, with personal problems, which every day has a huge number of patients, often with severe mental disorders, and, with the help of this barrier, he simply defends his psyche not for nothing in the ranking of suicides among representatives of various professions, psychiatrists are in the lead).

The most important thing is for a psychiatrist to be a good specialist and be able to choose a regimen for taking medications that will ease your depression. Sometimes this can take years. I know a person who all his life suffers from endogenous depression and for several decades tried more than 40 !!! various drugs, before he found the optimal (in his case) drug. Drug therapy is a method of trial and error, and when choosing a drug, psychiatric intuition plays an important role.

Depending on their effect, antidepressants are divided into several groups. This issue is addressed by the article of the Group of Antidepressants

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