Prevention of depression in adults

The key to success is the ability to manage your emotions, and after all, during depression, it is they who take a person under their negative control. Therefore, the ability to love yourself, think positively, be happy with what you have will be very useful as a preventive measure. Set realistic goals for yourself, and then you will rejoice at achieving them, and not be sad about the fact that you cannot do the impossible.

Let yourself rest, do not forget that the morning of the evening is wiser, and with a fresh mind, even a difficult problem sometimes seems quite solvable. But you should not include alcohol in your vacation program too often, because it causes many troubles. But thanks to sports, you can not only keep yourself in good shape, but also supply your body with the endorphins necessary for a good mood . By the way, do not forget about proper nutrition, because not only his health, but also his mood depends on what a person eats.

Communicate more with positive people and try to keep your distance from those who constantly whine and complain. Such characters seem to infect others with their negative attitude and may well convince you that everything is bad, even if in reality it is not.

Prevention of depression in children and adolescents

Family is the main thing for a child, and even for a “prickly” teenager this environment is important, although he does his best to show his adulthood and autonomy. Therefore, the first thing that will protect a child of any age from depression is a good climate in the family, where relationships are built on trust and mutual respect. Children who feel needed and important to their parents are at times less prone to depressive disorders.

Adequate sleep, the right amount of physical activity and fresh air, and proper nutrition are the best prevention of depression. Imagine the mood of a child who is forced to stay at home while his friends enjoy the good weather and play outside! But the amount of time children spend on the Internet and in front of the TV is better to reduce.

Depression is a psychological disorder that brings significant discomfort to a person’s life, but you can get rid of it, as well as prevent its occurrence. Be attentive to your own psychological state and do not hesitate to seek support from loved ones if you feel that you are not able to cope on your own.

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