Orthostatic hypotension is a special type of fainting that occurs after the patient transitions from horizontal to vertical position. Fainting – a sudden short-term loss of consciousness within a few seconds, accompanied by a weakening of the heart and breathing and resulting from a rapidly developing decrease in cerebral circulation. Physiological muscle tone is also reduced, as a result of which the patient may fall. 

The cause of acute onset of anemia of the brain is usually a temporary violation of the tone (natural tension) of the blood vessels, there is an outflow of blood from the brain, skin, muscles, and a drop in blood pressure.


In idiopathic cases, unknown TSNA.  

Symptomatic forms can be observed in the following cases: 

  •                during convalescence;
  •                after sympathectomy ;
  •                with an overdose of antihypertensive drugs;
  •                when turning off the vasoconstrictor centers and fibers in cases of damage to the spinal cord;
  •                polyneuropathies :
  •                orthostatic hypotension often accompanies primary amyloidosis.

The clinical picture.

Depending on the severity of SLE tea or unconsciousness occurs immediately after the patient standing up, or after a certain time after the adoption of the vertical position.
The loss of consciousness is usually preceded by a symptom complex of fainting sensations:

  •                dizziness,
  •                “Fly” to the eye E, and so on. P ..

Patients, focusing on them, can avoid falling by crouching or taking a horizontal position.

A special variant of idiopathic postural hypotension is Shay – Drager syndrome , in which, in addition to collapses, they detect:

  •                dysarthria
  •                rigidity
  •                tremor (trembling)
  •                ataxia
  •                monotonous speech
  •                paralysis
  •                violation of the pelvic functions.

This complex, somewhat reminiscent of parkinsonism due to orga nical brain damage.


Symptomatic treatment, including vasoconstrictor vasoconstrictive ) agents. Neurotropic vasoconstrictors of a central action increase vascular tone, providing a direct stimulating effect on vasomotor centers. This group includes hl. arr. analeptic drugs :: corazole, camphor , cordiamine , etc.   

Apply some psychostimulating agents: caffeine, phenamine.  

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