My experience of sight restoration

This summer I was left on my own for a while – I sent all of my people away from the smoke, and without hesitation, I decided to improve my health a little. It’s not just to sign up for a gym and pump up “squares” for the beach, but to be examined by some doctors in order to work out for yourself a vector of further actions, so as not to turn into a “vegetable” at all. 

I will only tell you about my experience in restoring vision – it is this that is most at risk for any “computer” person. In general, I don’t really like going to doctors, especially since these are voluntary – you should not expect good from a free city hospital, and in any paid clinic, the desire to be healthy disappears even at the stage of studying the price list for services) Nevertheless, I made up my mind. I do not specifically name the names of the medical institution, so that once again you do not get hung up on advertising; I will only say that I did not go to any specialized centers – it was a multidisciplinary diagnostic and treatment clinic in my city, chosen solely for reasons of being “closer to home”. I think there are similar establishments in any town.   

See u

My eyesight began to bother me even in my school years – even sitting on the second desk from the blackboard, I could not clearly see everything that was written on it. I didn’t even consider the option “glasses” – I got used to directing the focus with a cunning squinting, invisible to everyone) But for me personally, it was all so inconvenient … just so … that I didn’t do anything about it for a couple of years. At the institute it was even worse – from the far rows of the audience I looked in general somewhere in the astral plane, and all the information had to simply be copied from the neighbors on the desk. Then a pile of iron machine appeared. I almost didn’t break the rules – I tried all the time to follow the signs that … that’s all right, the images on which I could only look at the immediate vicinity. Well, well, all sorts of danger signs, “stop” and other “give way” can be seen a mile away, but to see something on the shield at the junction … in general, thanks to the navigators 🙂 And, surprisingly, I actually saw quite good – all colors, details and everything, everything, everything. There was a lack of sharpness, and for the most part only in the distance – from a distance of one meter I can easily read even the smallest text and distinguish pixels on the monitor. As you might have guessed, in medicine this is called accommodation spasm, which in my (and in your) case began to develop especially strongly since the advent of the computer.   

A bit from the internet:

Accommodation (from Lat. Accommodatio – adaptation, adaptation) – the adaptation of an organ or an organism as a whole to a change in external conditions. Most often, the term is used to describe changes in the refractive power of the optical system of the eye for the perception of objects located at different distances. Accommodation spasm (or false myopia) is a long-term sustained spastic contraction of the ciliary muscle, continuing after the eye has ceased to fix a close object in conditions of visual fatigue. Typically caused by eye fatigue when working at close range. The cause of the progression of the disease can be a dozen reasons, and the strength of the spasm can reach from 1 to 3 diopters.     

For the sake of completeness, I propose to consider the structure of the human eye ( another picture ) – an optical system that is in mobility to focus on an object. Optical devices such as binoculars have wheels for adjusting the sharpness. In the eye, the ciliary muscle acts as such a “wheel”, which deforms the lens to better focus the image on the retina. Like any muscle in the body, it can experience fatigue with prolonged overexertion – in this case, the eye loses its ability to respond to a change in focal length. Simply put, the accommodation spasm is the result of severe visual fatigue; if you have been sitting at the same table for several years, at the same monitor, located at a constant distance from your eyes, then this very muscle gets used to being in the same tension – when the screen is in focus. Accordingly, you will see especially well at this distance, and in all other cases the eye will be “lazy.” More precisely, it is the muscles of the eye – everything can be in perfect order with the retina and other elements of the eye. I read all this back at school, and on the optics course at the institute everything was only confirmed. 

Try 1

Once I got tired of all this – I came to the clinic and my aunt in a white coat conducted all the necessary examinations. Because the spasm of accommodation is not treated surgically, and glasses were out of the question, so we decided to stop at lenses. In the next half hour, I knew almost everything and even more about the fascinating world of lenses; in addition to the lenses, they also sold me almost a bucket of liquid to care for them, some gloves, cones, tweezers and something else. As a final chord, they helped me put the lenses in the right places – all under strict guidance.

For about half a day, my joy knew no bounds – my sight returned and everything was done. Before going to bed, the foreign bodies had to be removed, and the reserves of patience were used up in the morning. I have to go to the institute, and I do this and that – the lenses will stick together, then they will not fit well, then they will stick to the eyelashes, then they will fall and stick together even more, then … in general, then I went “blind” again. After a couple of days of such torment, I safely got rid of these things. The optimist’s hands dropped. 

Try 2

This summer I was more fortunate – this time I got a more intelligent doctor. As in this article, it all started with theory, in a pictorial picture on the wall of an ophthalmological office. They told and showed everything clearly, offered several options – as it turned out, the lenses were not suitable for my vision at all. The verdict was as follows:

Eye drops Taufon – the same bubble that recently got into the frame of one of the reviews. 4% sterile solution designed for stimulating processes of regeneration and repair – fig knows what it is, but at first it stings the eyes a little, and after a while it becomes much easier for them. Eye drops Irifrin – a “heavier” drug for the treatment of many things, but in my case, it allowed the muscles of the eye to relax, relieve tension. According to the doctor, this fluid can cause some “blurred” vision, so taking the drops is best when the eyes are not needed, that is, during sleep. I put the bottle under my pillow and thought about it through the night. Several vitamins were also prescribed to choose from – I don’t remember anymore, but it seems that when buying, I was guided by what was circled with a pen on paper … or maybe something else … I already ate everything – they were quite unpleasant-tasting capsules, but for the sake of good business can be tolerated. But the drops are all self-indulgence – the laser treatment procedure turned out to be much more interesting.  

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