Sleep disorders are a serious test for the body, which, if it lasts for a long time, leads to serious consequences. If the problem cannot be eliminated by changing the daily routine and creating comfortable conditions for sleep, then it is necessary to use drugs for sleep disorders. There are a large number of medications that help restore a full night’s rest. All medications for sleep disorders should be prescribed by a doctor. Unauthorized use of such a drug is strictly prohibited, as it is highly likely to cause more harm than good.

Sleep disorders occur in people of any age, but most often they affect the elderly and adolescents. At the age of 20 to 50 years, the body, as a rule, copes with negative influences quite well. However, this does not mean that there are no problems with sleep. Sometimes people of working age also experience problems with night rest to a greater or lesser extent, and in some cases medical care and medication may even be required for sleep disorders.

According to medical statistics, about 10% of the world’s population regularly faces sleep disorders. In the vast majority of cases, classical insomnia is diagnosed, in which the patient has serious difficulties falling asleep, which is why he can lie in bed for hours and not even sink into a nap. To eliminate the violation, drugs of several groups can be used. Barbiturates, which were often prescribed for sleep disorders, are now considered obsolete and are used only in exceptional cases when there is no other way to return sleep.


Drugs for sleep disorders in adults and children belonging to this group help to improve cerebral circulation and organ function. They significantly increase a person’s resistance to adverse effects, such as stress, severe emotional and physical overload, lack of oxygen in the air and the influence of harmful substances. Additionally, these medications have a positive effect on working capacity and learning ability, helping to quickly memorize large amounts of information and increasing concentration. Some of these drugs also have a sedative effect.

In the treatment of sleep disorders, nootropics are used only if there is a strong external negative effect on the body, especially emotional or mental overload. If a person suffers from increased nervous excitability, then it may even be harmful for him to use nootropics, since by stimulating the brain, they can further aggravate sleep situations. Only a specialist can determine exactly whether a patient needs medications from this group and which specific medications should be taken. It is usually recommended to use Modafinil.


Quite often, problems with sleep arise due to a lack of certain vitamins in the body. Most often, this phenomenon is observed in the off-season, when the weather is especially cloudy and the body experiences constant stress. Also, a strong lack of vitamins begins to affect after viral infections, when the human body is severely weakened by the fight against the disease. Additional symptoms of vitamin deficiency, in addition to sleep disorders, will be high fatigue and reduced concentration of attention. It is most convenient to use multivitamin complexes. Vitamin folk remedies are also used quite successfully.

Sleep problems may occur due to a deficiency of the following vitamins:

Vitamin Dwith a lack of this substance, persistent pronounced insomnia, depression and persistent fatigue appear;

Vitamin A deficiency leads to frequent nocturnal awakenings, as the resistance of the nervous system to adverse external stimuli is significantly reduced;

B vitamins – they are necessary for the proper functioning of blood vessels and the brain, and also increase the body’s resistance to external adverse effects. A decrease in the level of B vitamins in the body is usually noted closer to spring, when there are few useful substances in fruits and vegetables.

Multivitamin complexes should be chosen taking into account the age and characteristics of the body. It is best that such funds are prescribed by a doctor. It is good if the complex, in addition to vitamins, includes potassium and magnesium, which additionally improve the quality of sleep.


Drugs from this category are necessary if the problem with sleep appeared on the background of depression or, conversely, depression arose as a complication of long-term problems with night rest. In the event that there is no depressive state, the use of drugs from this category is not required.

The use of modern drugs is not addictive, allows you to normalize night sleep and relieve daytime drowsiness. Also, medications from this category are allowed in the elderly. At the same time, due to side effects that sometimes occur, only a doctor should make a decision about the possibility or impossibility of using such a medicine. The medicine is selected individually for each patient.


Medicines of this category have a pronounced sedative effect and help to cope with insomnia of mild and moderate degree. Many drugs in this category have herbal components in their composition. There are also stronger means of synthetic origin, which are used if the violation is significant. Barbiturates, which today are trying to give up as much as possible, also belong to this category. Exactly what to drink in case of sleep disturbance, only a doctor will determine.

Sedative medications are indicated for those who have sleep problems due to the constant general overload of the body, which occurs due to an excessively fast rhythm of life. Medications help reduce anxiety and fear by reducing stress levels. When taken correctly, they help relieve insomnia, restoring the body’s natural biorhythms. The safest medicines from this group, which can be taken even before consulting a doctor, are Novopasit and Persen. Both drugs are herbal.


Medications designed to combat allergies can also help with insomnia, since most of them have a mild hypnotic effect. This is due to the fact that these drugs act not only on histamine receptors, but also on the histaminergic system, which is responsible for the waking process in the daytime. As a result, the more the drug affects this system, the more it blocks it, and the more pronounced its hypnotic effect. Most often, to relieve sleep problems, it is recommended to take diphenhydramine and suprastin tablets, which belong to antiallergic agents of past generations.


The use of medications for sleep disorders is required only if there are certain indications for this. When they are absent, therapy is carried out by non-drug methods, the main of which is psychotherapy and training in the skill of relaxation. The use of medication is necessary in the presence of such symptoms:

  • The appearance of severe irritability;
  • Pronounced weakness;
  • Hand tremor;
  • Sudden mood changes;
  • Pressure surges;
  • Heartbeat;
  • Severe anxiety in the evenings due to fear associated with sleep problems.

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