Lower your cholesterol level naturally

Almost half of all German adults have problems with too high a level   Cholesterol level . You do not feel a high cholesterol level. But he is considered an important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

No wonder one among the top ten (usually already in the top five) of the most commonly prescribed drugs   cholesterol-lowering drug   (By the way, children are now also prescribed, as even the smallest do not suffer from blood lipid disorders).

The cholesterol – so it is said – is deposited on the blood vessel walls, leading to constrictions and thus make   thrombosis   and emboli more likely, in other words: heart attack and stroke can occur.

However, the cholesterol level can be lowered very well even with natural measures, as we explain below.

The cholesterol confusion

Especially high LDL-cholesterol is a risk factor for future cardiovascular problems. Whether this is actually the case or not should not be the topic here. The fact is that even the scientific community is not completely unanimous on this point.

There are studies that show that elevated cholesterol levels increase the risk of developing cardiovascular problems as well as studies that do not provide such a link.

Although some doctors now tend to   statins   prescribing only high-risk groups, such as those already suffering from cardiovascular disease or those experiencing heart attacks in the family, the majority of physicians routinely prescribe drugs to nearly every high-cholesterol patient.

Whether the cholesterol-lowering drugs can really help and prevent heart attacks, however, is also unclear. Some studies showing very good results in terms of heart attack prevention have been carried out on behalf of the statin manufacturers, so that the positive results are not necessarily surprising.

In general, reducing cholesterol only leads to the desired low cholesterol level in every fifth patient. Therefore, one likes to give two drugs at the same time (a statin and ezetimibe). Because this combination had achieved good results in a 2015 study by Merck (statin manufacturer). However, “good” here refers only to the lowering of cholesterol levels. Because in the group that took both medicines, significantly more patients became ill with cancer.

However, statins alone should even reduce the risk of cancer, especially the risk of colon cancer, it was said for a long time. Then it was discovered that it was not the statins that reduced the risk of colon cancer, but the high cholesterol itself. The higher the total cholesterol level, the lower it is   colorectal cancer risk   – so researchers of the   University of Pennsylvania   in April 2017 in a study conducted in   PLOS Medicine   has been published.

In the meantime, it is no longer even certain that HDL cholesterol, often referred to as “good” cholesterol, is actually that good. Various studies have shown that both low and high HDL levels are associated with premature cardiac death.

So you can not sit back and relax when the HDL level alone is high, as it is much more likely to affect all the values ​​of a person, especially the LDL level and triglyceride levels. If these two are high, then a good HDL value can not help anymore. As a result, the LDL-HDL ratio (LDL / HDL ratio) is being taken into consideration more and more frequently. This should be below 3. Lowering bad LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels is therefore far more important than achieving high HDL.

There is a great deal of disagreement in the cholesterol world, so it would be much better to look at the matter for a change from a slightly different angle.Because the goal is not basically a low cholesterol level, but rather a healthy cardiovascular system!

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