Love as prevention. Happy people look 10 years younger

Modern research reveals more and more new facts about the benefits of sex. People who are happy in bed look 7-10 years younger than their age, 16% less likely to die from cardiovascular diseases, live 25% longer, 11% less complain about health at the age of 80 and older. All, of course, compared to those who cannot boast of intimate joys.

Sex as prevention

Some scientists consider joys of love to be the prevention of various diseases. True, with one caveat – only if there is a complete mutual understanding between the partners, which is not formed in one meeting.

For example, researchers in Israel have followed 9,000 volunteers for 40 years. And they found that among those unsatisfied in bed, strokes occurred 2 times more often than those whose married life was successful.

Chronic back and head pain due to vasospasm is the scourge of our time. Doctors from the United States have examined more than 3,000 people from 57 to 85 years old for this subject. It turned out that those who regularly have sex practically do not suffer from such pain and generally feel better.

Some doctors generally state that morning sex is a protection against heart attacks for men. Endocrinologists and cardiologists from the UK have established that testosterone hormone deficiency is one of the main causes of early (up to 40 years) myocardial infarction in men. Testosterone is a sex hormone: it stimulates libido. At the same time, full male orgasm and ejaculation, in turn, increase testosterone production!

Nice hints

A life without sex is fraught with the development of real depression itself, psychiatrists from New Zealand assure, having interviewed more than 1000 people 25-50 years old. They found depression in 15.6% of old maids of either sex and in 23% of people whose relationship with a partner is less than 2 years old. But after this period, only 9.8% of those who have been in a relationship for 2-4 years have signs of depression, and only 9.2% of people whose relationship lasts more than 5 years. By the way, the number of alcohol and drug abusers is falling in a similar way to depression.

Does the slimness of the figure depend on the amount of sex? The issue is controversial. It is clear that those minutes that we spend on it cannot burn a significant amount of calories in any way. Nevertheless, pleasant sensations stimulate the release of endorphins by the brain . They are called “hormones of happiness”, but in reality they are neurotransmitters that reduce stress levels, dull pain and – attention – appetite! That is, a sexually satisfied person does not need sweet nibbles to seize stress and eats less food.

Is the bar falling?

Unfortunately, levels of sex hormones decrease with age, so sooner or later libido becomes weaker. However, contrary to popular belief, this decline does not occur sharply, but gradually, by no more than 1% per year. It has been proven that a tangible lack of hormones, and with them, sexual passion, will manifest itself no earlier than at the age of 57-60. However, the level of hormones and libido can become as high as that of a 70 – year – old in just 5-7 years, if a person is prone to alcohol consumption, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle and subsequent obesity. But healthy activity, on the contrary, can prolong sexual performance by 7-10 years!

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