How to eat to live long

Some people live longer, some less. But, often, we take a person’s longevity as something that is self-evident, and do not think at all about what we eat. However, our nutrition can not only make us look younger, it can make us truly healthy and happy people.

Many of us have heard a lot about “balanced diet”, but few know and understand what this really means.

Believe it or not, this is the miracle calorie restriction diet that can actually help you live longer. There are numerous animal studies showing that eating just enough food (enough to survive, but not too little to be malnourished) leads to longer life!

Of course, you cannot eat nothing at all, and it would be right to focus on a balanced diet, which includes an approximate ratio of BJU (proteins, fats and carbohydrates.): 16.6 – 16.6 – 66.6% For any person you need your own amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

But, remember! You won’t find the perfect proportion anywhere on the internet. It should be prepared for you by a dietitian or nutritionist. We all have a different norm.

The principle of the formation of the diet remains unchanged, when it is not necessary to create a deficiency of one of the nutrients, since the body must have enough energy for its normal work.

Be reasonable, eat right and do not forget that any radical methods, including fasting, are fraught with serious problems for the body and health. Watch what you eat, cut out junk food and live happily ever after.

How not to drink tea

Tea is undoubtedly good for the body. Green and black tea contain a group of antioxidants. They “resist” in our body free radicals – unstable molecules that attack cells and damage important cellular organelles. Tea antioxidants prevent the destructive work of free radicals and emerge victorious from this struggle.

Have you ever thought that tea, in addition to being beneficial, can also be harmful if it is not brewed and consumed correctly? In the ancient Chinese tea culture, the view was formulated about the harmfulness of tea if it was misused. It is set out in ten tea prohibitions.

What tea should not be drunk

You can’t brew tea for a long time

If tea leaves are infused for too long, then essential oils and polyphenols begin to oxidize, tea loses its transparency, taste and aroma. The healing effect of tea decreases due to the oxidation of vitamins C and P, which it contains. In addition, when tea is kept warm for a long time, it becomes a breeding ground for various types of bacteria. Such seagulls with a bite of bacteria will clearly not add health!

You cannot brew tea repeatedly

Usually, after the second or third brewing, the tea leaf no longer contains enough nutrients. It has been experimentally shown that during the first brewing, about half of the useful substances are extracted into the solution, with the second – about 35% more, with the third – less than 10%. If you continue to use the tea leaves, harmful components will start to come out into the solution, because they “leave” the tea leaves last.

Do not drink scalding tea

It is clear that too hot tea irritates the throat, esophagus and stomach. If you consume scalding hot tea for a long time, then painful changes begin in the listed organs. According to doctors who have studied this problem in different countries, the constant use of tea at temperatures above 60 degrees leads to an increase in the vulnerability of the stomach walls and can be the cause of its diseases. According to their recommendation, the temperature of the tea should not exceed 55 degrees.

Do not drink iced tea

If drunk warm or hot tea gives the body vigor, clarifies consciousness, makes vision sharper, eyes sharper, then iced tea has unpleasant side effects. When used in the body, there is stagnation of phlegm and cold.

Do not drink very strong tea

High concentrations of tannin and caffeine can cause insomnia and headaches.

Do not drink tea before meals

If you do not heed this prohibition, a couple of cups of tea before dinner will dilute your saliva. Lunch will seem tasteless, while your digestive system’s absorption of protein may decrease. If you really want to swallow a tea before eating, then it is better to do this half an hour before meals.

Do not drink tea immediately after eating

As you probably know, any drink (including tea) immediately after a meal leads to a decrease in the concentration of gastric juice, slowing down of digestion and disruption of the entire digestive system. If you want to enjoy aromatic tea, wait an hour …

Don’t drink tea on an empty stomach

The Chinese believed that when a person drinks tea on a thin stomach, the “cold nature of tea”, when ingested, can cool the spleen and stomach

Do not take medications with tea

Tannins dissolved in tea, splitting, release tannin. The presence of this substance is the cause of the sediment that many drugs give, and they are less well absorbed. The Chinese have correctly noticed that tea destroys medicines

Don’t drink yesterday’s tea

Tea that has stood for several hours quickly loses vitamins and other useful substances. But this tea is quite suitable as an external remedy for medicinal purposes. Daily tea is rich in various acids and fluoride. These substances are good at stopping bleeding from the capillaries. This tea is well suited to rinse your mouth, relieve pain in the tongue with inflammation of the mouth, bleeding gums. It can be used to wipe damaged and inflamed skin. By washing your eyes with yesterday’s tea, you can reduce the pain in the eyes when red capillaries appear on the eyeball.

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