About myopia for bespectacled people. Is it possible to restore vision?

Hello! I am bespectacled with experience. I put on glasses in 2000 and since then my vision has been constantly deteriorating. Now it is already -4dptr (without glasses I can see clearly only from 25 cm). Yesterday I was seriously pushed to get rid of glasses, of my disability once and for all. The reason for this is all sorts of stories on the Internet, how people get rid of glasses, restore their vision. So this is really possible? The situation is aggravated by the fact that the revenues of the manufacturers of glasses and contact lenses are estimated at billions of dollars, and it is much easier for our doctors to prescribe glasses and thus “solve the problem” of the patient. So, what is myopia, or myopia? I have not found a clear and unambiguous answer anywhere. Basically, the wording is “poor visibility of objects in the distance”. As an illustration, all sorts of pictures with the Photoshop Blur effect (blur) are given, for example:

This is from the “Myopia” article on Wikipedia. Here I found some inconsistency. The fact is that the defocusing effect is familiar to us from video cameras. But in a video camera, the refractive lens changes its position along the horizontal axis forward or backward. In the human eye, the role of the inner lens is played by a biconvex lens, but it does not move forward or backward, but contracts or stretches along the vertical axis under the action of the ciliary muscle. This phenomenon is called accommodation (or adaptation). As I see without glasses when moving away from the subject. 

I’ll try to depict in Photoshop:

Those. it can be seen that the image is not just blurred, it also bifurcates, multiplies vertically and horizontally, ultimately forming a blurred ball of elements. The only thing is that the degree of visibility for all the bifurcated elements is the same, and not like mine – it’s darker in the middle (this is due to the overlay of layers in Photoshop). This effect is clearly visible when looking at street lamps without glasses. They all turn into huge spherical cloudy spots of elements. And for some reason I have not found anywhere about this feature of vision in myopia – perhaps this is the key to how to restore vision. And most importantly, what is the cause of myopia? It turns out that there is no unambiguous answer to this question in our 21st century. According to the same Wikipedia article, myopia “in the overwhelming majority of cases is accompanied by an increase in the anteroposterior size of the eyeball”, i.e. the eye stretches along the visual axis. The article about Accommodation says – “along with the generally accepted theory of Helmholtz, there are other theories of accommodation mechanisms. For example, the American ophthalmologist Bates, a rather aggressively promoted but long-disproved theory, explains accommodation by contraction of the oculomotor muscles. Ophthalmologist Bates imagines the myopic eye as flattened above and below, and not at all his lens, which is very important in itself. But who to believe? Is there really no single justification for myopia, but there are only separate theories? At one time, I was going to a laser operation to burn my corneas with a laser beam. But it seems like everything is in order with the cornea, the shape is normal. If there is a problem with the muscles of the lens or the eye itself stretches like a cucumber due to reading up close, is it worth cutting open your eye and thinning the cornea? I think no. In order to understand in which direction to move on, you need to figure out what myopia really is, whether it is possible (and where) to undergo a comprehensive examination on this topic, and not be limited only to a vision test according to a table with an ophthalmologist. Is there a chance to restore vision naturally? Maybe some of you have such experience? Any opinions and links on the topic are welcome! Tired of glasses no strength. UPD: I found a good note about myopia – here . Now it is important to answer the question, how can you still determine the reasons for your myopia: 1. The shape of the lens is changed due to muscle spasm 2. The shape of the eyeball is changed 3. Other reasons UPD: I am signing up here . It looks like they will be able to determine the cause of myopia, and in general, a comprehensive examination will not hurt. Unsubscribe based on the results. 

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