What should I do to save the work of the spleen as much as possible?

Splenic organ is responsible for the action of moisture in the body. When antibiotics disrupt the functioning of the spleen, the body accumulates fluid and forms sputum.

This causes the development of pathologies (inflammatory processes of the ear, tonsillitis, allergies, spleen accumulation, which leads to cough and respiratory tract ailments).

Given the weakened state of this body after the constant use of such drugs to fully recover, it is unable, therefore the need for antibiotic use increases, they are prescribed already with less life-threatening diseases. Therefore, the use of antibiotics should be treated with extreme caution, and it is better to use them only if it is impossible to fully recover with other medicines or herbal medicine. The latter type of therapy allows you to achieve maximum effect with the help of individually selected by the doctor herbal collections that help to eliminate the imbalance of body immunity.

A healthy spleen lends itself to rapid recovery after active use of antibiotics.

This method requires constant medical control and changes in therapy. The constant use of a new collection of herbs with antimicrobial properties allows you to cure more than one disease, and the whole body. But in relation to some people it almost does not work, therefore it is necessary to resort to treatment by medicines, including antibiotics. Therefore, the more cautious the person will be about treating antibiotics, the less he will be ill in the future.

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