Time to clean up the house

The time of self-isolation “for coronavirus reasons” is a great opportunity to push you to put things in order in your home. “At home” – in every sense: in the wardrobe, in thoughts, to stop and analyze your life, it’s time to learn new useful habits. This is what I plan to do.

This set of “thank you, cap ” – unsolicited advice – is just an excuse to discuss who does what during self-isolation and where my attention, head, hands, will be directed.

First, a few words about the need for self-isolation. Russia is a bit of a “reverse country”. If they say “the ruble is strong, like a baseball bat,” then it’s time to run to exchange for dollars. If the supreme commander-in-chief advises “not to buy food for future use,” then either it’s too late, or right now run to chop with a cart in your hands.
(I already bought toilet paper , but there was no buckwheat and rice in the St. Petersburg “Lenta”).

Therefore, when “ Coronavirus bypasses us” is broadcast from color screens, it can mean anything. Either the procession with the kisses of the relics has a powerful effect, or the inevitable will come, no matter how it is called on TV.

In general, a smart Russian suspects that he has long been for himself. Historical memory, mathematical models, experience in the development of epidemics, and news about the healthcare system in Russia suggest that the situation with the spread of coronavirus in our country is unknown, stay at home, reduce the risk of becoming a carrier (or victim of the virus), reduce the burden on the healthcare system. And read that same article on habr.com if you haven’t already. 

And after this lyrical digression, actually about the good – about what occupations the situation favors.

House cleaning and life plans

To begin with, the obvious: cleanliness in the house potentially reduces the burden on your immunity, and just more pleasant to the psyche.

When preparing articles, I often met a recommendation from experts and psychologists: putting things in order in your plans, possibly destroyed by circumstances, reduces the level of stress. Planning reduces anxiety 

And since there is time, why not dig deeper. Ask yourself different difficult questions: ” Am I not * going to kill ?” “What will remain after me?” “What do I really want?”, Try to get the answer in different ways.

Self-isolation is an important time to reflect on what you have been doing in recent years and months, do you like it, what emotions do your work evoke in you, what do you really want?

Answers can change your plans and improve your life. Large can be seen from afar. If you do not stop and do not raise your head, examining the “rivers of vanity of circular existence”, then later it can be “excruciatingly painful for the years spent aimlessly.”

In general, now is a great excuse to clean the House, which I myself am planning to do.

Rest and meditation

Meditation strengthens the immune system, strengthens the psyche, improves mental clarity, and allows for calmer and more balanced planning. “ Regular meditation has been shown to help cope with difficult situations, reduce psychological (and physical) pain, as well as symptoms of anxiety. 5 minutes of meditation a day can significantly reduce anxiety levels , ”I quote Lauren Zoller from The Science of the Benefits of Meditation .

Here’s another from there: One study found that 20 minutes of meditation for 4 days reduced anxiety levels by 40%. Quite a bit of. And very quickly.
Not sure how to start meditating? Best of all, by watching this short video (ending with a simple, light meditation):

Moderate training, qigong , tai chi

Moderate physical activity: anything that doesn’t really kill you, but gives you a load, strengthens your immunity. Conversely, exhausting, unexpectedly over-exercising that your body isn’t used to can wreak havoc on your immune system and health.

It’s very simple – exercise your body at home. Do this in moderation. Choose a workout that you enjoy. For example, we have a selection of home strength training programs – take it and use it!  

I will practice qigong and moderate strength.

Self-development time

Time to invest attention and time in self-education. Now, when many areas are beginning to decline, it’s time to invest in self-education, in the study of areas of knowledge that you will need or in which you have the energy to develop. The result of these investments will just come in handy when the situation in a few months from the crisis spills over to the actively developing one. Growth after the fall is also inevitable, as the recession of the coronavirus epidemic is inevitable . True, Russia is a slightly different country, let’s see how the problems accumulated in various spheres will “backfire” on us. Perhaps the inevitable rise will have to wait a little longer.

In general, I will continue to watch the cycle of 27 hours of lectures “Biology of Human Behavior” by scientist Robert Sapolsky for Stanford, kindly translated into Russian by Vert Dider .

Time to create: draw, write

Draw – if you wanted to try for a long time, write – if you wanted to write for a long time.

For example, I am finishing the book “The Science of Weight Loss ” (will be released in April) – in which I have collected, probably, all the most important things about which there have been articles on Zozhnik over the past 7 years. If the person closest to me asked me how to lose weight, I would proudly give him this book.

Sketched a sketch of the cover in the style of an Instagram post :

In general, now is a great time to do the most important, for which there was never enough time due to the urgent.

I wish you productive self-isolation and health!

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