“The country does not need sick people” and what does Kennedy have to do with it

A few months ago, in my post “Outlaw: How Persons with Disabilities Turned Out to Be Disliked by the Authorities,” I condemned the decision to ban legal gender reassignment and also the ban on transgender adoption of children . The main point of that post was that a certain percentage of people are born with a genetic mutation, which leads to incorrect gender determination in the genus. home. Subsequently, it is the impossibility of doing anything about it that cripples the lives of such people. I tried to convey to the audience the simplest idea: people change their gender for nothing to do. In the comments, someone agreed with me, someone did not, and someone expressed an idea worthy of perhaps the main monster of the 20th century. It turns out that the country needs exceptionally healthy people. Here is a fragment of that speech:

“The country needs a healthy society, smart people able to work and live a full life. All other “exceptions” have the right to be. And their desire to live as efficiently as possible and close to the “norm” is quite commendable. But no one, ever, anywhere, recognizes all the “exceptions” as the “norm.”

I would not devote a separate post to that commentator with her wild ideas, if not for one BUT. This is not the first time that I have read such comments on the net . Under different posts, on different platforms, under different headings, but there are people who, in all seriousness, argue that the country does not need sick people. We need healthy ones. To work hard, fight, obediently satisfy the ambitions of the leaders. 

I will not get angry about the immorality of such speeches. I will not remind these pseudo-patriots about the terrible phenomenon of the last century, over which they love to boast of victory, although they have not the slightest relation to those events. I will not tell them how similar their judgments are to those of an uncle with a mustache. Yes, these people seriously believe that there are “best” in the form of healthy ones, and there are “second-rate” ones that should not reproduce and are not needed by the state. I’m just going to give you a little history for those who caught deuces in school in history lessons.

Alexander the Great – scaleotic disorder of the cervical vertebrae, gout, epilepsy, Brown’s syndrome.

Guy Julia Caesar – migraine, epilepsy ?, micro-strokes?

Jeanne d’Arc – Morris syndrome, epilepsy, paranoid schizophrenia ?, mental anorexia ?.

Charles de Gaulle – Marfan syndrome .

Peter I – hypertension, hepatitis, epilepsy.  

Abraham Lincoln – Marfan Syndrome .

Franklin Roosevelt – Poliomyelitis ?, Guillain-Barré Syndrome .

John F. Kennedy – Addison’s disease .

Of course, this is not a complete list of great people who have suffered from serious illnesses. But, I think, the presented is enough. All of them are not just famous people, they are personalities who have changed history and have done a lot for their countries. Well, comrades, patriots? Do you still think that the country does not need sick citizens?

This post is not a call to illegal actions or an attempt to insult a person. The article is for informational purposes only and is an expression of private opinion.

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