Sleep postures

The position in which you sleep has a huge impact on your health! Backache, headache, heartburn? Just change the position in which you sleep! Seven sleeping positions that will improve your well-being are in our material.

The average person sleeps for about 25 years in a lifetime! Sleep is very important for the body – the nervous system is restored, tissues are rejuvenated and renewed. In the meantime, the brain is trying to comprehend and save all the useful information that you have accumulated during the day. And for sleep, not only the quantity is important – it also matters in what position we sleep.  

Of course, if you have chronic diseases, and insomnia is caused by this , the question of sleeping position cannot be solved – you need to be treated. But it can relieve pain completely. 

Correct sleeping positions

We have compiled a list of 7 sleeping positions. All of these sleeping positions are responsible for some aspect of your health.

Seven Correct Sleep Poses for Pain


According to doctors, if you suffer from back pain , it is best to sleep in a horizontal position. When sleeping on your back, place a pillow under the inside of your knees. You can also place a small, rolled towel under your lower back. 

Shoulder pain

It is best to sleep on the affected side with your legs slightly bent. You can also wrap your arms around the extra pillows or between your knees.


Sleeping positions for headaches can both help and worsen your condition. A common problem is a person’s neck twists a lot while sleeping. Doctors recommend covering your head with pillows to prevent it from turning.

High blood pressure

Sleep position on your stomach, face down. American doctors conducted an experiment, during which they found that in this position the pressure can significantly decrease. Especially good for men.

Digestive problems

Sleeping on the left side helps to digest food better. The explanation is simple – the stomach is located slightly closer to the left side. And gravity comes to the rescue.


The same method works with heartburn as with the stomach – sleeping on the left side.

Pain in the neck

Using extra neck support can help relieve pain. Ideally, use a rolled towel. To keep it from dangling, it can be inserted under the pillowcase.

I wish you good health and sound dreams!

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