Role behavior, or which roles we choose

The essence of role-playing behavior is as follows: a person mentally imagines himself the main character of a movie, possessing those qualities that it is desirable for him to have in real life: for example, confidence, courage, composure, ability to communicate with others, etc. In other words, he mentally plays this role. 

Before embarking on the method of role-playing behavior, one should consider its content in all details. Suppose an athlete needs to learn how to enter an optimal combat state, the achievement of which automatically eliminates all undesirable deviations in his neuropsychiatric state – in particular, prelaunch fever, apathy, jim-jams . This is done in such a sequence.

First (about a week before the competition) the athlete must mentally present the main details of the situation in which the competition will take place: the venue, possible weather conditions, main rivals, etc. Then you should lie down or sit down, relax your muscles, immerse yourself in controlled consciousness drowsiness (in the “screen” state), even if it is very superficial, and perform simple, purely mental work: mentally see yourself going to start in its best (optimal) combat state. At the same time, OBS formulas should be carefully passed through the dormant brain. Perhaps, the heart immediately beats up and the self-perceived  a nap as the wind blows away. We will have to dive into it again and again, and again pass through the dormant consciousness of the OBS formula, the competitive environment and ourselves in it, while remaining absolutely calm in relation to the upcoming competition.

The resulting “film” of mental images will allow the athlete to see himself retaining sober calm and self-reliance, despite the exciting environment of the competition and the use of OBS formulas. After several such mental training, excessive excitement will begin to diminish. True, at first only in the room where the mental self-preparation was conducted. For her, you need an average of 5-10 sessions lasting 3-5 minutes.

Then (a day or two before the start of the competition) you need to come to the venue and again hold several sessions of mental self-regulation : lie down or sit down, plunge into a nap controlled by consciousness and mentally see yourself going to start in your optimal combat state – perfectly collected, confident, fearless.

Such a technique, if it is used before each competition, already gives a noticeable result in one season. Athletes stop jitters , develop a sober attitude to the upcoming fight, which is gradually consolidated and becomes habitual.

People who are beginning to feel oppressive anxiety before the test, are found not only among athletes. For example, you have to visit a dentist, and within a few days you have no peace or sleep. In such cases, it is necessary to conduct a simple preparation: having plunged into self- perceived drowsiness, mentally imagine yourself in a dental chair and, remaining completely calm, say to yourself several times the following desensitizing formulas: “This is necessary … They will help me … No worries … Everything will be fine … I I am already calm … There is no fear … ” Not everyone will immediately have a dispassionate attitude towards the upcoming treatment procedure. But after a few days of training you will become much easier to endure the expected trouble, your attitude towards them will become noticeably calmer.

It is necessary to very accurately link the words of formulas with the corresponding mental images. If, by pronouncing, for example, the “No worries …” formula , you “see” yourself cringing in a lump of fear or start thinking about something else, then no positive effect will come.

Feeling of pain With the help of self-hypnosis, you can also dramatically reduce, if not altogether, remove a sudden feeling of pain. If, let’s say, you suddenly have a headache, take one of the starting positions, in which self-hypnosis is made, plunge into a shallow nap and mentally say a few times, “Headache decreases … decreases … Headache disappears … passed … ” And try to imagine that it really passed. A few minutes after such a procedure, the pain will actually become much less, if not stop.

Of course, this method of self-help does not preclude the need to consult a doctor as soon as possible in order to establish the true cause of the headache. After all, pain is the first sign of a disease, and if you completely remove it with the help of self-suggestion, without taking radical treatment, the disease will be neglected, which can lead to serious consequences. The fight against pain by self-hypnosis can and should be used to reduce the severity of unpleasant sensations before the arrival of the doctor.

A wonderful example of how you can get rid of the feeling of pain with the help of self-suggestion is demonstrated by the artist of “ Soyuzgostsirk ” Mikhail Pliska . After a broken arm, when due to incorrectly accrete bones, reoperation was required, he refused to undergo anesthesia and, despite the very painful nature of the surgery, was completely calm, even laughing.

“At school I was involved in sports, ” said M. Pliska , “from a young age I studied medical literature, engaged in auto-training, self-suggestion, in order to fully control myself and control my body. Passion and determined the choice of profession. I set up myself before this operation so as not to experience pain ”(“ Week ”, 1985, No. 23, p.      eleven). As the surgeons who performed the operation testified, Mikhail really did not feel pain.

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