Fast weight loss diet

To achieve the perfect figure, girls are ready for anything. Someone tries to immediately limit the consumption of sweet and flour products, someone refuses to have dinner after 6 pm, while others try to starve. But such methods do not always allow achieving the desired result.

And if the effect is noticeable, then it disappears within a few days after the fairer sex returns to the usual diet. Therefore, if you dream of a beautiful body, a tough diet for quick weight loss will help in this, allowing you to achieve tremendous results in a short period of time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Fast Weight Loss Diet

Experts came to the conclusion that only an absolutely healthy person can be on the strict method of weight loss, while the diet is followed for no longer than 3 days. If the duration of the diet exceeds this number of days, then it can negatively affect human health.

The strict methods of losing weight include limiting the consumption of foods, the calorie content of which does not exceed 1200 calories per day. Some diet menus limit food intake to 500 calories per day, which becomes dangerous for the human body.

Mono-diets also belong to rigid diets, since in this case a person has to eat one specific food for a day or several days. As a result, the body experiences a deficiency of important micronutrients for the proper functioning of the entire life support system.

For this reason, a strict diet cannot be followed for a long time, since instead of the desired weight loss, a person begins to experience serious health problems.
The positive qualities of this method of getting rid of excess weight include:

  • The duration of these diets is much shorter than that of others.
  • Weight loss while dieting can be quite noticeable.

The disadvantages of such a diet lie in the following factors:

  1. If you follow a strict diet for more than 3 days, then there may be a slowdown in the metabolic process. This circumstance leads to the fact that after losing weight, the woman who has lost her weight again returns.
  2. Deficiency of vitamins and essential trace elements for the body.

The secret of severe weight loss is that there is a loss of fluid, the body does not receive the amount of food it needs, while the volume of muscle mass decreases. It should be noted that the reserves of adipose tissue are slightly reduced.

Below are examples of fast weight loss diets.

Tea diet

The principle of this weight loss method is based on the daily consumption of green tea, while drinking at least 5 cups per day. Moreover, tea should be expensive, and not the one that is sold in every store for a small amount. In addition to tea, you need to eat vegetables and fruits, as well as foods containing protein, but in small quantities.

If you are tired of green tea, then you can try to brew tea in milk. The calorie content of such a product is within the normal range; if desired, you can add a little honey to such tea.

As a result, losing weight gets a drink rich in useful microelements. You should adhere to this diet for 14 days, you need to repeat the diet no more than 2 times a year.

3-day rigid diet

If you plan to lose 4 kg of excess weight in 3 days, then you will need to adhere to a certain diet:

  • First day breakfast includes a glass of orange juice and 1 boiled egg. For lunch, eat a vegetable salad with a small amount of turkey and low-fat cheese, and 1 apple. Dinner includes pasta with a bit of shrimp and spinach salad.
  • On the second day of the diet, you should eat cereal for breakfast, which should be seasoned with low-fat milk. For lunch, you should eat the same as for breakfast. Dessert includes pears. Dinner consists of spaghetti with turkey meatballs and lettuce leaves.
  • Breakfast on the third day consists of lightly toasted bagale with low-fat cheese. For lunch, you need to prepare a salad of greens, adding a small amount of chicken meat to it. During dessert, you can treat yourself to a few peaches. Prepare lasagna for dinner with low-fat cheese and a green salad.

Acting diet

Some women try to follow the film star diet that lasts a week. During this time, you can consume coffee, eggs, vegetables and lean meats. During breakfast and dinner, it is allowed to take a cup of tea or coffee, some eggs, a slice of bread and 3 tomatoes. For lunch, you can pamper yourself with 250 grams of meat, green salad and an apple. During an afternoon snack, you are allowed to drink a cup of coffee and eat a few cookies.

A rigid diet is the perfect way to lose weight in a short time. But it is still better to gradually start to reduce weight, since in this case the result will persist for a longer period, and the body itself will be minimally affected. Remember, in order to reduce your weight, first you should give up sugary foods and overeating.

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