Affective disorders – synonyms, clinic, diagnosis

Affective disorders – synonyms, clinic, diagnosis

Definition of affective disorders:
– A group of disorders and diseases characterized by a painful change in mood (affectivity) in the form of depression, mania or hypomania
– There is no clear transition from the norm to the pathological state, which may complicate the differential diagnosis

Classification of affective disorders

Depending on the severity and course (recurrent, unipolar / bipolar, chronic), the following disorders are distinguished:
– Manic episode
– Bipolar affective disorder (affective psychosis, manic-depressive diseases / cyclothymia)
– Bipolar affective disorder
– recurrent depression
– Protracted (long) affective disorder – Other affective disorders (eg, dysthymia)

The main symptoms. The predominance of either depressive or manic / hypomania symptoms, mixed symptomatic picture is less common.

Symptoms of mania:
– Peak mood boost or irritability
– Emotional arousal with euphoria or dysphoria
– Acceleration and arousal of all mental processes – thinking, speaking, motility / movements
– Deliberately relaxed behavior, excessive activity, excessive need for communication, contacts; often rash behavior, impulsiveness, aggressiveness
– Increased activity, excess energy, the desire to engage in any activity, excessive creative activity, reducing the need for sleep
– Increased self-esteem, the belief in their own superiority

Symptoms of depression:
– Despondency, depressed mood
– Stiffness, depression, a feeling of “painful insensitivity”, fear, pessimism
– Slowing mental processes: thinking, speech, motility / movements
– Immersion in oneself, lack of interests, ideas and motivation; concentration disorder, difficulty concentrating
– Lack of incentives (motives), reduced vitality, lack of energy, poor physical well-being, feeling of exhaustion
– Self-doubt, guilt, own insignificance, despondency, depression, fatigue from life, suicidal thoughts
– Sleep disorders (increased need for sleep, early awakening, feeling tired after a night’s sleep)

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