When is it possible to do without antibiotics?

All mummies can be conditionally divided into 2 groups (according to their relation to antibacterial drugs):

The first group blindly supports the erroneous opinion that any childhood illness can be cured without the help of antibiotics. These drugs act for them in the role of a kind of monster, which devours the immunity and gastrointestinal tract of the baby. Very often, such ladies, hearing the word “antibiotic”, start to be horrified and wonder: “How so? What for? Yes, do not need this to you! “. After that, be ready to listen to a lecture about what antibiotics are dangerous for children and the flow of tips on how to treat carapaces without resorting to the help of these drugs.

The second group of mothers are ardent adherents of antibiotic therapy who are ready to treat a commonplace cold with strong antibiotics. Their position they argue by the fact that only these drugs help their children quickly recover.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the above-described positions are fundamentally erroneous and one should not fall into such extremes. The influence of antibiotics on the children’s body is very multifaceted, but there are situations when it is impossible to do without these drugs:

  • with the course of the disease in acute form (purulent inflammatory processes, pneumonia, pyelonephritis);
  • in certain cases with exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • period after surgery;
  • if there is a bacterial infection;
  • at relapses (if after recovery symptoms of the disease are repeated again) of certain diseases;
  • if there is a mixed infection;
  • with infectious conditions that threaten the baby’s life;
  • with certain changes in the general analysis of blood (a high number of leukocytes and a shift of the leukocyte formula to the left).

For “lovers of antibiotic therapy,” it should be emphasized once again that antibiotics do not affect viruses and do not contribute to lowering body temperature, so it is absolutely not worthwhile to engage in self-medication and take them “to prevent possible complications”.

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