Basic therapy. The goal is to balance work and rest for regular, normal sleep, to avoid overwork and stress. It is necessary to move a lot, systematically do exercises, do physical therapy, and temper. This is the most effective of all methods. Drug therapy.

  •                First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the underlying disease that caused the VSD.
  •                Psychotropic and Neurotropic drugs. If the drugs are prescribed correctly, then they help to cure the disease relatively quickly. Improper use will lead to poor health and lack of results, as well as to the development of side effects of these drugs. 
  •                Homeopathic remedies are sometimes used but not as the main one, but as an auxiliary treatment.   
  •                The Reflexotherapy method is quite effective These are Acupuncture, Chinese Cigar Treatment, Chiropractic, Massage , exposure to reflex zones and points.       
  •                Psychotherapy also helps in complex treatment.  
  •                A very useful method of independent psychoregulation is Autotraining, i.e. therapeutic auto-suggestion. A psychotherapist, or a neuropathologist who understands psychology, should tell you about the auto-training method.   


In order not to get sick with VSD, you need to take care of prevention. Charging is the most powerful and natural method. After all, this disease is most often affected by people with a sedentary lifestyle, which leads to untrained body and vegetative system. The nervous system becomes very labile, that is, sensitive.
When it is best to do exercises depends on the person’s vegetative system. You need to do exercises at that time of the day, which is more suitable for the body.
Excitable people in the morning feel good, but they get tired faster in the evening. If they do physical exercises after work, then this will help them more. And with parasympathetic dystonia, physical education is more useful to do in the morning. Because in such people, life processes are more inhibited, and physical exercises will help to activate them. It is necessary to monitor the time of work and rest, observe the sleep regimen, try to avoid overwork and overstrain, i.e. all that can lead to VVD.
Swimming and running are some of the most useful sports, because they are associated with a long and uniform load on all muscles. This also includes skiing, cycling, etc. Properly balanced nutrition also plays a role. 

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