TREATMENT OF AN cerebral vascular aneurysm

Conservative treatment for aneurysm rupture is the same as for cerebral hemorrhage ( cerebrovascular accident, acute ). You must comply with strict bed ny mode for 6-8 weeks .  

Repeated lumbar puncture therapeutic purposes justified only for relief of severe headaches, in which ineffective medication media Properties. Spasm of intracranial arteries, often leading to extensive nym softening, including the brain stem, conservative tive measures so far failed to take off.

The only radical treatment of saccular Aneva ism is surgery – clipping the neck of the aneurysm. Sometimes they strengthen the wall of the aneurysm by “wrapping” it with muscle or gauze.

In recent years, we proposed a number of improvements and new methods of surgical treatment of aneurysms: microsurgical, ordeal governmental thrombosing aneurysm using coagulants or slurry of iron powder in a magnetic field, stereotactic electrocoagulation, clotting using disposable balloon-catheter Stereotactic clipping .     

In arteriovenous malformations the most radical eq stirpatsiya all vascular coil after clipping leading and draining vessels.  


The prognosis for rupture of the aneurysm is often unfavorable, especially with subarachnoid- parenchymal hemorrhages: 30-50% of patients die. Constantly the danger of vtornyh bleeding, which often occur in the 2nd week of illness. The most unfavorable prognosis in multiple arte ‘an and large arteriovenous aneurysms, which is impossible can be surgically removed. With hemorrhages, obuslov PARTICULAR angiomas ( malformations ), the prognosis is somewhat better.

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