Under toning is understood as such mental self-action , as a result of which the level of activity of the organism is put slightly higher than usual. If, after activation, a person returns to that state of health that he had before complacency, then the purpose of toning is to slightly exceed this level, to raise the spirits.

The possibility of using self-suggestion to increase one’s vitality is based on the same mechanism that has been mentioned more than once, on the high degree of sensitivity of the brain, which is at a reduced level of wakefulness, to words and related mental images. To achieve toning, it is necessary to influence the functions of the body that are under the control of the sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system. The activity of this department depends on the degree of activity of very many processes occurring in the body. Increasing this activity, we gain a complex of feelings and sensations, called “toning”. 

To gain a state of toning, there are three ways. It is important to understand their essence well, as this will help to understand the process of mental self-mobilization more easily .

The first method is a mental representation of such a psychophysical state that is capable of causing a given person to arouse certain body functions. For example, you can imagine a state of excitement that causes such specific sensations as light chills, tremors, deep and frequent breathing, and rapid heartbeat.

All the necessary sensations are contained in certain verbal formulas, with the help of which the desired state is then achieved. In order to achieve the intended result, in most cases it is necessary to immerse yourself in shallow drowsiness before using toning formulas. Here is one of the following sets of formulas:

1 State of pleasant (deep) peace.

2   My whole body is resting …

3   And gaining strength.

4 The feeling of heaviness and relaxation from my hands … legs … from the whole body …

5 My breathing deepens, becomes more frequent.

6   I feel how the inhaled air cools my nostrils.

7   The coolness covers my whole face …

8.   As if a pleasant breeze blows on me.

9.   My forehead became cool … my temples …

10   The muscles of the face became light and mobile.

11   A pleasant chill ran down my neck … shoulders … back …

12.   I am more cheerful and more cheerful!

13.   Feel great!

14.   I am like a compressed spring!

15.   Ready to act!

16   Stand up!

The second way – mental images of motor activity. Here it is necessary to clearly “see” the execution of such movements, such physical actions that are stimulating and tonic for this person. Each person will be able, if he wishes, to find suitable mental images for this purpose, connected with motor activity.

The third method is a figurative representation of a situation that can cause an increase in tone. This tonic situation (for example, a festive atmosphere should begin promyslivat at a reduced level, the brain awake. And the situation has to be taken from the personal experience of the person.

Of course, the allocation of the three methods of tonization is largely arbitrary (they are often combined) and made for purely pedagogical purposes – to facilitate understanding of this technique in mental self-regulation .

Formulating formulas. In compiling most of the formulas for self-hypnosis, you must follow three basic rules.

The first is that the formulas should be clear, preferably concise and accurately correspond to the style and manner of speech of the person.

The second is that the formulas should be made in a “passive manner”, without elements of activity.

Third , formulas should not include the particle “not” – so that they sound positive, affirmative, and not as a denial.

For example, it is necessary to formulate: “I do not care about smoking,” and not “I do not want to smoke ” Although in the second version, it would seem, the thought is clearer, but there is a negative particle “not” in it, and the words “I” and “want” contain an active principle. In the first variant, the necessary thought is also expressed quite clearly and, moreover, quite positively: it says what should be, and not what should not be . And finally, the wording here is implemented in a passive manner: “I do not care.” The active principle – “I do this and that …” is included only in those formulas with the help of which it is necessary to increase the activity of the organism.

When using the formulas of mental self-regulation , a certain complication often arises, which needs special mention. The fact is that when you focus on the right mental images, a sudden activation of the brain can occur. Subjectively, it is felt in the form of the disappearance of drowsiness , rapid awakening and “clearing” in the head. If this happens, it is necessary again, without irritation and maintaining complete peace of mind, to immerse yourself in a drowsy state and re-focus relaxed attention on the necessary mental images, helping yourself to hold them using the appropriate words. It is possible that this (especially at first) will have to be done more than once. But gradually, even very exciting situations will cease to be a hindrance, cause activation of the brain, which, by the way, will indicate that the desired effect has been achieved.

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