The guy accidentally recorded the conversation of doctors during the operation, earned $ 500,000

Sometimes turning on the voice recorder is not only useful, but also profitable. Better yet, do it before anesthesia, after annoying the doctors.

A resident of the State of Virginia for the verdict will receive a $ 500 000 due to the fact that he left the recorder is turned on, when the fell asleep under general anesthesia, and recorded conversations of doctors. The patient turned on the recorder before the colonoscopy, in order to record the advice and recommendations given by the doctor for the future. But when I listened to the audio recording after the operation, I heard several people speak impartially about him. The conversation took place between the gastroenterologist who performed the colonoscopy, the anesthesiologist and the medical assistant. The incident took place on April 18, 2013. The doctors were charged with libel and medical negligence at the suit. 

When the patient fell asleep under anesthesia, anesthetist Tiffany Ingham (pictured left) addressed him: “After five minutes of talking to you before the operation, I want to kick you in the face and do a little man.” The doctor’s assistant noticed that the guy had a rash on his arm, and Ingam joked that the assistant could “pick up syphilis or something like that”, adding that “he probably has tuberculosis in his penis, so you will be fine.” … The patient filed a lawsuit against two doctors, accusing them of libel and medical malpractice. The hearings in the case lasted three days and ended in favor of the plaintiff. He will receive $ 100 thousand for libel, $ 200 thousand for medical malpractice and $ 200 thousand in fines, although he asked for $ 1.75 million in the lawsuit. Lawyers in this field explain that usually such conversations, including between doctors, are considered confidential. but in this case the plaintiff was able to argue in its favor that unauthorized persons were present in the room during the operation. In Virginia, moreover, there is a law in which the consent of one person is enough to record a conversation, although in some other states such a recording would not be accepted as evidence. 

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