The first method is pharmacological

The fact that with the help of various drugs and chemical compounds you can change your mental well-being has been known since time immemorial. In particular, some substances have been used for a long time that stupefy the brain and create the illusion of a good, upbeat mood. In ancient times, means were used to cause uncontrollable rage among the warriors before the battles.

However, it can be said without exaggeration that in the whole history of mankind there have not been created such a number of psychoactive drugs as they have been produced in recent decades.

Today, doctors engaged in the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders have a wide range of drugs that can be used to “precisely” change the mental state: relieve fear, anxiety, eliminate depression, depression, create a good mood, etc.   It would seem, what is simpler: give a person the appropriate medicine, learn to use it – and the task of regulating the mental state is solved. But it was not there.

Once I had to watch as a weightlifter in front of a crucial approach, in order to “whip up” myself a little, drank a cup of strong coffee. And, paradoxically, “limp”. What happened? A cup of coffee is known to contain 0.2 grams of caffeine – a drug that increases the tone of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. But so caffeine acts on people who are in a weakened or normal state.When the body is already very excited, the same dose can give a reverse, relaxing effect, which is what happened with this athlete.

When such cases began to be repeated frequently in sports, they remembered the law of the initial level (initial) of Wilder, according to which the effect of any substance depends not only on its chemical composition and dose, but also on the state in which the person taking this substance is.

Anyone who has at least some experience drinking alcoholic beverages well knows that the degree of intoxication very often depends not only on the amount drunk or on the quality of the drink or snack, but also on the psychophysical well-being before drinking alcohol. That is why, in one case, after 150–200 grams of vodka, one can remain almost sober, while in the other, the same dose is knocked down.

Undoubtedly, the time will come when chemists will create a particularly accurate pharmacological preparations, with which you can easily change the mental state. Moreover, not only the preparations themselves should be created, but also substances capable of instantly neutralizing their action – if it turns out to be different from what was expected. Otherwise, you will swallow a pill, it will not work as it should – and you cannot take it back! Wait at least a few hours, or even a day, until it expires.

So, when such a time comes, then, perhaps, it will be possible to talk about the pharmacological regulation of mental states.

All that has been said about pharmacology gives reason to draw the following conclusion: it is unacceptable to use various medicinal products on their own, without consultation and without medical supervision. In order to avoid the most unexpected and sad consequences.

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