Strengthening immunity

Immunity is the body’s defenses that help to cope with various types of infections and viruses, to protect the human body from dangerous diseases. To make it stronger, it is necessary to vaccinate in a timely manner, give up bad habits, diagnose and treat diseases in time, not self-medicate with drugs and folk recipes. The concept of a healthy lifestyle includes such immune-strengthening hardening procedures as:

  1. Air baths. Take a daily walk in the fresh air, before going to bed and working indoors, ventilate it at any time of the year. This hardening method is perfect for preschoolers and teenagers.
  2. Sunbathing. Ultraviolet light helps to increase the synthesis of vitamin D in the body, which is involved in the metabolism, helps to become more beautiful and younger. But here it is important to know when to stop. Otherwise, overheating and sunburn may result.
  3. Rubdowns. This is a delicate way to strengthen the immune system. It is better to carry out such procedures in the summer season with a massage mitten or towel.
  4. Walking barefoot. There are active points on the legs, pressing on which has a positive effect on the work of all organs and systems in the body. Walking barefoot – help in the implementation of a kind of gentle massage of such points, which will significantly improve health.
  5. Cold and hot shower. This is an alternation of cold and hot water. At first, it is best to start with a small temperature difference. The procedure is useful at any age, improves the state of blood vessels, helps to strengthen the immune system.
  6. Dousing with cold water. This method requires preparation. It is important to dry yourself with a towel after the procedure.
  7. Winter swimming . This type of hardening is only useful when applied correctly. And before carrying out such procedures, you must consult with a specialist.

Such methods of implementing a healthy lifestyle, in addition to winter swimming , are suitable for the whole family, including adolescents and children. This is the best prevention of various colds and viral diseases that so often occur during the cold season.

Emotional and mental state

Stress and overwork, bad mood and depression negatively affect the performance and health of a person of any age. In addition to feeling unwell and unwillingness to do anything, a breakdown, sadness, irritability and aggressiveness appear. Multitasking at work, the lack of time “for yourself”, the need to complete a bunch of routine tasks that are not enjoyable, also do not help improve health and a healthy lifestyle. Negativity can accumulate over the years, poisoning a person from the inside and preventing him from living.

While maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to reconsider this side of daily reality. It is important to put things in order and make sure that every person in the family feels comfortable, does not suffer from infringement and overwork. Experts recommend adhering to the following principles:

  1. Positive thinking. If whining and complaining about life is the norm in your home, then it’s time to change everything. Try to see the positive even in difficulties and difficulties, support each other and try to help find something good.
  2. Healthy sociability. There is no need to try to get a stranger to talk at a bus stop or anywhere else, but if you are asked for advice or a request, then you should continue the dialogue. Communication within the family is also important. It is advisable after work not to disperse to your rooms and be distracted by gadgets and computers, but to sit together to talk to someone about what happened during the day, what factors excite or interest. An active pastime like walking can also help you be more sociable.
  3. Controlling emotions and expressing them in a non-toxic form. So, if you feel discomfort, pain, anger, discontent, caused by one of your family members, then you should not hush up the problem, but you also cannot behave aggressively. Information about a healthy lifestyle recommends that you express your feelings and thoughts to your family in a calm manner, and preferably without moralizing and in the form of “I-messages”. Then, most likely, it will be possible to avoid conflict and remove the annoying factor.
  4. Mental health. You need to take care of yourself. Eliminate stress and anxiety from life, if possible, a bad mood and depression, complexes and dissatisfaction with life. If you yourself cannot cope with this, then seek help from a specialist.

Important! What is a healthy lifestyle and how to implement it are difficult questions. And it will take more than one month until you can keep the balance of all components of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, do not worry if you have eaten something harmful or done the wrong thing. The main thing is that you saw and realized it, which means that everything can be corrected.

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