Sobriety and alcoholism

Today, the problem of alcoholism in the countries of the former Soviet Union is quite relevant, where it is considered the norm to drink at lunch, “pour grief”, “mark an event” “wash a purchase” or “mark an event”, it is considered a kind of folk tradition to pay for a service rendered by some alcoholic beverage.

Eventually, the body begins to get used to it and becomes addicted to alcohol. How to get rid of alcoholism 

The sobriety of life

However, there is another sober life and there is no place for alcohol in it. It shines with colors no less brightly, health, prosperity and happiness live in it . One has only to think about the fact that sobriety is the only true and natural state for a rational being – a person, for a family, for humanity as a whole.   

Many people who have given up alcoholic poison admit that only after that they realized that there is meaning in their life, that they have something to strive for, that happiness and joy are possible without toxic chemical effects.

The sobriety of life is also awareness of everything that is happening around, freedom from the illusory world where the alcoholic “lives”, it is a refusal from self-deception. A person always has a choice: to follow the beaten path of alcohol, which inevitably leads him to the abyss, or to become a “director” of his life, having made a conscious choice in favor of sobriety and a happy life.     

Sober lifestyle

A person whose body is not clouded with alcoholic poisons is given tremendous opportunities to reveal his spiritual, creative or intellectual abilities. It was with them that nature endowed absolutely every person, you just need to listen to yourself sometimes.

Each person can improve himself, look for ways to solve his life tasks and problems, without resorting to alcohol hypnosis. This strengthens the will of a person, makes him stronger, as well as a richer and brighter inner world, new knowledge and experience are acquired and a person develops creatively and intellectually.

Sobriety is your key to happiness, health and, most importantly, success in life!

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