Sleep less than 8 hours.

No matter what time you go to bed or what time you get up, it is important that the duration of sleep is at least 8 hours!

It is checked on itself: every evening I sat on the Internet or watched TV and so on until 2 nights. I got up at 8 in the morning, total sleep only 6 hours. Which is absolutely not permissible for a bodybuilder!

I never believed that a short sleep could be the reason for the lack of muscle growth, but lately I have personally made sure that sleep is extremely important! Trainer Vovka suggested. Now I sleep 8 or 8 and a half hours (I go to bed earlier) and see how my muscles grow. And yet, which is also a lot of importance – I stopped yawning in training. Yes, it happened like that – I came to the gym without getting enough sleep and yawned the whole workout 🙂 There is nothing good for classes, of course, in this.

Every little thing is important in bodybuilding and you will soon see it. Moreover, it is important for thin and beginners.

A good dream is such a big trifle on which a lot of things depend.

Of course, sometimes it’s necessary to get up early or you can’t always fall asleep at the right time – that’s okay. You can sometimes “fool around” and not sleep the hour, another. But try to minimize such sleepy nights.

Participation in sports: football, basketball, etc.

Do you like to play soccer? Forget it for a period of muscle pumping!

Basketball, tennis, swimming – all this is what reduces your muscles. Yes, you heard right. Bodybuilding and outdoor sports are incompatible! Absolutely.

I remind you, this applies only to thin guys and those who have shitty genetics. All other normal guys, of course, you can run to football and go to the pool. For 10 years I played soccer, tennis and thought, why aren’t these muscles growing? .. It’s like I go to a simulator … But they don’t grow, scum … And they shouldn’t! Thanks to coach Volodka – he first banned me all these running sports games.

How so! —You say, sports games are good for health! For the body as a whole, maybe yes, but certainly not for your muscles.

You run, spend energy and the first thing you “lose weight” from this is your muscles. Not fat, namely muscle. This is a fact verified in my sad practice …

Bottom line: you can swim if you really want to, but without fanaticism and not for long. You’ll become pitching, then you can run, but not now.

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