Antibiotics will soon not be able to defeat the disease: people are so abusing these drugs that they negate their therapeutic effect. Recently, American scientists came to this conclusion, they are supported by doctors in many countries. Is the situation really so critical and how to properly be treated with antibacterial agents so as not to harm your body, said Yuriy Gavalko, researcher at the Herodietetics Laboratory at the Institute of Gerontology named after.

Many people prescribe antibiotics for themselves. As soon as a sore throat, cough, runny nose appeared, they immediately go to the pharmacy to buy antibacterial agents. What does this threaten?

Bronchitis in a child: treatment featurestreating a cold with antibacterial drugs is impractical. After all, antibiotics that can destroy viruses do not exist. Therefore, such a medicine for flu or colds is an extra load on all body systems, ”says Yuri Gavalko. – But if the temperature does not drop after a viral infection after two or three days, you can suspect a bacterial infection as well, since viruses greatly weaken the immune system. In this case, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics to the patient. But they themselves should not prescribe antibacterial drugs, since their uncontrolled intake can seriously harm health, including the appearance of resistant bacteria and dysbiosis. The danger of self-treatment with antibiotics is also evidenced by the fact that in the EU they are only available on prescription.

Clearly in pattern

This often happens: patients who are prescribed antibiotics take them for several days, and then, as soon as they feel better, they stop treatment. The doctor warns that by doing so, you can seriously harm your health.

If the patient started taking antibiotics, they should certainly drink their entire course (in case of an allergy to the drug, you should consult a doctor to prescribe another antibiotic). Even if you feel better after one or two days, the course of antibiotic treatment cannot be stopped, otherwise bacteria that have not died (in two or three days it is impossible to destroy all pathogens) will not be sensitive to this antibiotic in the future. Moreover, the microorganisms that managed to survive will transmit information to other pathogenic bacteria on how to deal with the antibacterial drug. The result will be the so-called multi-resistant bacteria that are not afraid of any antibiotic.

Interrupted antibiotic therapy has other negative consequences. As an example, take chloramphenicol, which is often taken with intestinal disorders. If it is taken incorrectly (one to two days), then this is dangerous not only by the appearance of resistant bacteria, but also by possible blood diseases (leukemia).

Also, do not try to adjust the dose of the drug (for example, drink not a whole tablet, but half, in order to avoid side effects). When using small doses, the bacteria do not die, but rather harden. It is categorically not allowed to skip taking the drug, the medicine should be drunk clearly according to the scheme that the doctor determined.

Protection and Recovery

What to do to avoid dysbiosis when taking antibiotics?

“Any antibiotic kills all bacteria that are in the body (including beneficial ones). As a result of the death of beneficial intestinal microflora, dysbiosis occurs. Its main symptoms are discomfort, discomfort in the abdomen, impaired bowel movement, intolerance to some food (which has not happened before) ), allergic reactions. Therefore, from the first day of antibiotic therapy, you need to take probiotics (substances that protect the beneficial microflora of the gastrointestinal tract). We recommend the drug “Lin Exx. “But it should be remembered that there must be a gap of at least two hours between taking the antibiotic and probiotic. That is, Linex is taken 2-2.5 hours after the antibacterial drug. However, prebiotics (substances which help the probiotic work so that it does not pass through the intestine.) This may be the Lactulose preparation, which should be taken in 30 ml in the morning on an empty stomach 30 minutes before meals, “the doctor says.

It should also be remembered that standard antibiotic therapy usually lasts two to three weeks. And to restore normal intestinal microflora, the course of probiotics should be three times longer. At the end of taking antibiotics, instead of Linex, which is a fairly expensive drug, you can take simpler probiotics. For example, yogurt capsules, which are sold in pharmacies.

Sour milk products will also help restore intestinal microflora, since they contain bacteria that are beneficial to humans.

“Kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, narine are medicinal products, but it should be remembered that it is not store yogurts with a long shelf life that are useful, but cooked at home. To do this, take homemade milk and boil in those for five minutes, cool slightly so that it is warm, add kefir or yogurt sourdough, which are sold in supermarkets, pharmacies and company dairy stores, and then put in a warm place. A useful product is ready in a day, “advises Yuri Gavalko.

It should also be remembered that we use antibiotics not only in the form of drugs: chemical preservatives (the same antibiotics) are added to almost all products that are sold in stores. Such food has a detrimental effect on the intestinal microflora. Most of all “chemistry” is in sausages, meat, semi-finished products, it is also in vegetables and fruits. Therefore, the following rules must be observed. Boil the meat from the store or bazaar for 30 minutes, then drain the broth and add new water. Soak vegetables and fruits for two hours in cold water (pesticides, nitrates and other harmful substances are washed out). And sausages, balyks and other smoked meats should be abandoned altogether.

Important.Drink antibiotics only need ordinary water. In order not to overload the body, a diet should be followed during antibiotic therapy: there are foods that are easily digested (lean meat, vegetables, baked apples and bran bread). 

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