Regulation of vegetative processes

Doctors have long known that with the help of self-suggestion one can also influence such functions of the body that do not obey ordinary self-orders. . We are talking about the regulation of the processes carried out by the vegetative nervous system. This section of the nervous system, as a rule, does not change the mode of its activity under the influence of words and mental images if the brain is in a state of active wakefulness. But if you plunge into drowsiness, retaining the control of a calm mind, you will be able to influence words and corresponding mental images on some vegetative processes (in particular, on the activity of the cardiovascular system). With the help of special formulas it is possible to expand or narrow the arterial vessels, change the heart rate. It is especially important that you can calm the heart activity, and, therefore, prevent the development of a number of diseases (eg, angina pectoris) associated with overstrain of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Here, for example, how you can rest your heart. Relaxing your muscles, plunge into drowsiness and begin to mentally pronounce the following formulas, accompanying them with relevant mental images:

1   State of pleasant (deep rest).

2   My calm focus on my chest.

3   My breathing is calm … lung.

4   My attention is on my heart.

5   My heart beats calmly … smoothly … well … slowly …

6   It rests … rests …

Each formula must be promiscuous , without haste, 2, 4, 6 times. Then sit quietly or lie down for a few minutes – this will be enough to relieve the tension of the nervous system and give the heart the necessary rest. After that, observing at first caution, proceed to the interrupted activity.

With the help of psychic self-regulation, it is possible to influence the functions of many other organs (for example, to regulate vascular tone, respiration, the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, and some endocrine glands). This possibility is especially important for those who are allergic to drugs used to treat certain disorders in the body. Self-hypnosis will help them get rid of the need to take many medications.

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