Muscles hurt – I won’t go to the gym. Runny nose – especially stay at home.

Unfortunately, our brain can come up with a hundred reasons for not doing something when you don’t want to.

And training in the gym refers to what our brain does not particularly like.

Much nicer to go to the movies, isn’t it? 🙂

And when there is at least the slightest reason not to go to the gym, the brain immediately activates and tells us – stay home!

The most common causes that I myself have come across are a slight runny nose, some slight pain in the joints or ligaments, scratches on the fingers and other crap. Even just a muscle pain due to the fact that there was a workout recently – it was an occasion for me to “skip” the lesson and wait a few days when this chest or legs will pass.

I am very grateful to Vladimir for making me overcome all these stupid excuses not to go to the gym.

And now I’m going to the gym, despite all sorts of minor health problems that stopped me earlier. Which of course has a positive effect on muscle growth!

A serious illness with a fever is the only reason to stay at home. All.

It turned out that there was absolutely nothing wrong with practicing in the gym with a slight runny nose (it even passes faster), with some slight itching pain in the joint (after all, pain can itch for six months, now why not go to the hall for six months? !) …

Therefore, if you slightly stretched your shoulder or hand – do not care! Go to the gym and do it! Just be more attentive to the sore spot and engage in sensations.

Snot flowing? If they do not flow in a stream – go and swing!

After all, skipping a workout is not just a stop to muscle growth, it is a step back, but for someone two.

Always engage in whether your brain wants it or not.

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