Morning exercises in the simulator.

Before, I always practiced in the mornings, and it happened that I got up at 7 o’clock on the alarm clock to be in the gym at 8 o’clock. Naturally, I was reluctant to study, I was sleepy, sometimes I did not even have time to have breakfast. And these workouts were useless.

My advice to you – do not go to the gym early in the morning!

The optimal time is at 12-13 hours of the day. Just before dinner.

The body will cheer up well after sleep, you will have the strength, you will have breakfast and the food will have time to digest. She will give you a lot of energy. Not that food, that a sandwich with sausage and that’s it, I’m talking about a normal breakfast of 5 eggs. Throw your sausage in the trash and do not buy it anymore.

Well, in the evening, usually in the hall is full of people and you will just waste time waiting for your turn to approach the barbell.

I now go to the gym only during the day and do not care that at this time I need to work. I learned how to make money not sitting in the office, but remotely, via the Internet. And good money, I tell you a secret. So I always have time to go to the gym for lunch.

Want to know how I got it? Email me [email protected] – I’ll tell you!

I go to the gym whenever I want, at the most optimal time, and not when some circumstances dictate to me. Which I advise you!

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