More diseases – doctors are happy

Computers added to doctors’ worries. They are happy about it. The patient pays money. Approximately 95 percent of computer scientists do not sit at their machines as they should, but in a more convenient way. As a result, the majority – scoliosis, curvature of the spine, herniated spinal discs, and after five or six years, some in ten – terrible pain in the back and legs. Ophthalmologists note the manifestation of cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases in young people. Previously, these diseases occurred in people after 50-60 years, and now there are frequent cases after 30. The load on the eyes does not seem to be felt at first, but it accumulates and affects the nervous system, productivity decreases, general fatigue appears. And all because of the eyes. Young men turn to urologists more and more often, because from eternal sitting at the computer stagnation occurs in the pelvis, and as a result, the early formation of a benign tumor – prostate adenoma is provoked, which affects sex life, and sometimes leads to impotence. So draw conclusions, which is better: follow the fit – a straight back, or then experience terrible pain; take breaks, rest your eyes (sometimes just blinking for a few seconds is already a relief) – or after three or four years go to ophthalmologists and prescribe glasses; observe the correct position of the hands when typing (of course, with the blind ten-finger method) – or go to neurologists and surgeons due to the appearance of tunnel syndrome. From time to time, working at the computer, leave the chair for 5-10 minutes – or make an appointment with urologists. The answer is obvious: it is easier to monitor your health and not get sick. Everything is trite. But for some reason, banal truths we cannot learn in any way. The number of occupational diseases associated with working at a computer is increasing, according to the data of doctors, by 10-15 percent annually. Private clinics are happy – profits are growing. But what is it like for those who are sick? What prevents us from taking care of ourselves? 

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