Mobilizing formulas

We now turn to a specific process of “targeted” verbal impact, aimed at consciously increasing the tone of the sympathetic nervous system, the activity of which is the physiological basis of the mobilized state of the body.

Academician I.P. Pavlov wrote: “The word, thanks to the entire previous life of an adult, is associated with all external and internal stimuli that come to the big hemispheres, all signals, replaces them and therefore can cause all those actions, reactions of the body that cause those irritations.”

Let us pay attention to the words: “associated with all external and internal stimuli that come to the cerebral hemispheres,” that is, to the brain — an organ of our consciousness. As already mentioned, the words associated with the signals coming from our internal organs give rise to much less vivid ideas (IM Sechenov called them “dark sensations”) than words associated with the outside world or with those systems of our body obey consciousness (for example, with skeletal muscles).

The task facing us is to learn independently, taking into account the current situation, to activate the activity of the whole organism. This means that first of all it is necessary to increase the tone of the sympathetic nervous system. However, its functions are not subject to direct verbal orders. So, to activate it, you need to look for workarounds.

In the process of mobilizing self-suggestion it is necessary to distinguish two main points. The first is that the words used for self-mobilization do not directly affect the organs, the state of which determines the success of mobilization, and with the help of the corresponding words they cause mental images of the leading symptoms that are characteristic of the increased tone of the sympathetic nervous system (for example, “pleasant chills “or” dry mouth “).

We know that an increase in the tone of the sympathetic nervous system is accompanied by such phenomena as rapid heartbeat, deep breathing, exacerbation of hearing and vision. At the same time, there are sensations of slight trembling, cooling of the extremities, “goose-skin” appears on the body, etc. So, words for self-mobilization should contain a description of the symptoms that arise in connection with an increase in the tone of the sympathetic nervous system, without mentioning it directly.

Here are a few examples of such words, or rather, phrases that are commonly called the formulas of auto-suggestion: “There is a feeling of a light chill … just like after a cool shower … A slight tremor appears in the muscles … Chills intensifies … Deep breathing, rapid …” As you can see, about the sympathetic nervous The system in these formulas is not a word. Nevertheless, correctly chosen words can cause its activation. This is the first position concerning the mobilization using the formulas of auto-suggestion.

The second proposition is that (as has already been said more than once) the effect of words is more pronounced when the level of wakefulness of the brain is reduced. Therefore, if you decide to master the method of consciously regulating the tone of the sympathetic nervous system, you must learn to achieve a state of complete rest, and even better – half asleep, drowsiness. Then the action of self-hypnosis formulas will be much more effective. This technique is especially important at the initial stage of learning mental self-regulation. With the acquisition of experience, mobilizing formulas will have their effect in the normal, awake state. Immersion in a nap before activating and mobilizing can be compared with a squat, which helps to jump higher up.

The mobilizing formulas of PMT, which increase the tone of the sympathetic nervous system to the optimum level, can be different. Below is a set of formulas aimed at the sympathetic nervous system, in the sequence in which they are usually used (although their order may be different depending on the individual psyche).

It is better to use these mobilizing formulas immediately after the calming, leading to a decrease in the level of brain wakefulness, to be immersed in a drowsy (“screen”) state. The sequence of mobilizing formulas in general is as follows (it is necessary to “pronounce” them with eyes closed):

1. There is a feeling of easy chill.
2. A condition like after a cool shower.
3. Of all the muscles go feeling of heaviness and relaxation.
4. A slight tremor begins in the muscles.
5. Chills intensified.
6. Head and neck become cold.
7. The body ran “goosebumps.”
8. The skin becomes “goose.”
9. Cold palms and feet.
10. Breathing is deep, rapid.
11. The heart beats strongly, energetically, accelerated.
12. Chills even more.
13. All muscles are lungs, elastic, strong.
14. I am more cheerful and more cheerful!
15. I open my eyes.
16. I look intensely, with extreme concentration.
17. I am pleasantly excited.
18. I am full of energy.
19. I am like a compressed spring.
20. I am fully mobilized!
21. I am ready to act!

Of course, these formulas are not dogma. Someone will suit their other order, and someone may need to I am only 2-3 formulas based on personal experience. For example, such: “I walk barefoot through the snow”, “I bathe in the ice-hole”, “I stand on the edge of the abyss”. A figurative representation of such situations and their state in this, drawn up in precise phrases, can also cause an increase in the tone of the sympathetic nervous system, and, consequently, the necessary mobilization of the reserve forces of the body.

And one more important point: while fishing and presenting the content of the mobilizing formulas, one can and should use the corresponding physical components. If, for example, with the formula “I am like a compressed spring”, the muscles of the body involuntarily tighten or the fists shrink, then this is a natural and useful reaction. Such physical elements help to accompany verbal formulas with clear, real sensations. In some cases, the corresponding physical sensations can and should be reproduced specifically, consciously activating certain muscle groups. With the help of such a purposeful activation of the musculoskeletal system, individual physical elements are firmly fixed in the mind, contributing to the process of further mental mobilization.

Alternating complacency procedures with self-excitation procedures (no other way is given!), We have, as already mentioned, strengthened not only our mental beginning, but also the entire body, which is very useful in our rather stressful time.

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