Maybe covid – dissidence is enough ?

Surprisingly, some people still continue to assert like butts that the requirement to wear masks is a worldwide conspiracy of evil oligarchs who simply want to achieve obedience . By the way, for some reason this is a very popular idea among various kinds of “dissidents” – supposedly there is some secret world power that wants to “achieve obedience.” I remember that I read about this at the notorious Rezun- Suvorov. He suspected the world elite of a conspiracy over the winter / summer time. It is possible that these transitions do not make much sense. But it was not about that, but about what they say, it was introduced specifically to drill the population. Like in the army: why are soldiers forced to march? Yes, to achieve obedience. It is the same with winter-summer time: at the command of R-RAZ, they took everything and moved the arrows, it was convenient, not convenient – it was still transferred. BLM is also about getting submissive. In general, absolutely any world events can be summed up under this brilliant idea. It’s even scary to say – maybe the Criminal Codes exist in order to make the population obedient? After all, nothing can be worse than an obedient population! As for the anti-mastochniks … The other day I saw HOW it happens , when a person develops suffocation literally in two hours. On the first round, the temperature was 37, and everything was calm. An hour and a half or two later, my grandmother called – “I can’t breathe.” And she is positive for covid , she was tested yesterday. I call an ambulance, blood oxygen saturation – 70; The ambulance calls a doctor (our ambulance doctors travel separately from the orderlies), and the first thing he does is ask: “Does the grandmother have an order from the patient? Because we will have to make a decision on mechanical ventilation now.” They put on a mask for grandmother, give oxygen – I’m used to seeing that this usually helps a lot; but no, she continues to gasp, gasp for air. The temperature is already 38.5. This is really some kind of hell. An ambulance worker calls hospitals, dials up to the land administration – “there are no places anywhere, probably will have to be taken to another land” … The rest look at each other – “Wow, and apparently it will be even more fun.” LET’S KEEP TELLING THAT IT’S JUST A FLU OR COLD. And that you “can’t breathe” under the mask, and that the masks are uncomfortable. Especially me, asthmatic and bespectacled. Moreover, more than one covid-dissident has already suffered a severe form or even died … Those who argue about the “obedience of the population” should have moved to an uninhabited area and proudly live there alone, hunting deer. Because anti-epidemic measures will be taken under any sane government. They will not be developed by you, but by the authorities responsible for these measures (for example, in the case of Germany, this is the Robert Koch Institute). And although any inhabitant of the Internet, of course, knows much better how to organize anti-epidemic protection, and knows that these institutions have developed some kind of nonsense – all the same, governments will trust trained microbiologists and epidemiologists, and not Internet experts. Under socialism this will also be the case. Moreover, in the USSR you would generally have to go for interrogations to the police if something happened. Have caught syphilis – and the police will look for your sexual partners, you will not go anywhere. But the overwhelming majority of people know about syphilis only from books. But yes, no human rights, no privacy and no privacy. Absolutely unethical – but everyone is alive. It would be nice to show your proud disobedience and rebellion when the communists call you to strikes or to take to the streets against the anti-popular laws of the capitalists. Otherwise, in these cases, one laugh is heard, and people like rams agree both with an increase in the retirement age and with a reduction in social benefits, and only the employer – in general, a father’s own, if he asks, you can work for free. But against the masks – yes, we must rebel. To spite dad, he definitely needs to freeze his ears.  

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