Likbez about yoga, part 2

Yoga is an invention of parasites for the gradual genocide of white people

In yoga there is no reasonable hierarchy, in it there is no system at all. Each guru actually uses his yoga, which he himself came up with, so that there was something to take money for. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise extreme caution …

Likbez about yoga, part 2

2. Just need to find a good, correct yoga teacher!

And then supposedly there will be no harm, but there will be a continuous benefit. So many fans of this strange occupation think. But none is able to offer an adequate way how to distinguish a good teacher from a bad one. What will you navigate? If you go to study at a public school, institute, sports section – you are dealing there with an official organization and certified teachers who are trained according to state standards, use proven methods and scientific knowledge.

This does not guarantee you of course the high quality of teaching. But, let’s say, the probability that you will come to the classroom, and then they will begin to teach you a thread of delirium of the type of astrology or start to call up spirits – is close to zero. That is, you can be sure that, at the very least, no harmful nonsense is being poured into your head.

But in the case of yoga, there are no common standards, rules and techniques. Every guru comes up with his own, to his taste. How his left heel will like. Moreover, he himself can not care less about them at any moment, no one is ordering him.

Since there is no single, standardized system in yoga, and every guru comes up with his own school, then all you can do is trust in this particular school. And her filthy letters, which they call certificates.

Yogic schools, of course, try to imitate the official systems – that is, they also organize some multistage courses for instructors, issue diplomas, organize institutes and academies. But this is exactly the same linden as in the case of clairvoyance courses and academies of bioenergyinformatics.

So, for the official status, on the state. certificates you can not navigate. They are simply not in yoga.

You can certainly try to choose a school / teacher by experience and fame. Proceeding from the fact that a famous guru surely cares about his good name and will try not to harm you. In the end, usually they have books with their methods, on which you can navigate, and which can be checked. There is some logic in this. But in practice this does not work.

Take the same BKS. Iyengar, creator of the most widespread yoga school in the world, the greatest guru of all gur. Well, in the top three of the steepest he surely enters (entered more accurately until recently, because he recently died).

And most importantly, this is perhaps the most mild school of yoga. It is considered the most adapted, non-violent, most calm and safe of all the world’s schools of yoga. It is not by chance that the enlightened guruji writes various warnings in his cult book “Clarifying Yoga”:

– during exercise there should be no excessive tension in the facial muscles, in the ears and eyes, or in the breath;

– incorrect performance of asanas after a few days cause unpleasant sensations and stress. This indicates that the lessons are being conducted incorrectly; and other blah blah blah

To me in the comments, too, yogis with rumors about the fact that “the unshakable rule of yoga” are cautious, gradual and nonviolent, evidently read such storytellers .In fact, this great guru, in general, does not care about his own recommendations and all these unshakable rules.

In fact, he can get a pupil on his back to make him bend more, he does not hesitate in using external violence when taking a pose as a student, as evidenced by numerous photos and videos.

Violent execution of complex asanas is not something that is not an exception, but rather a rule for Indian yoga schools.

Here is another testimony about another guru, from the yoga lover Andrei Sidersky:

“Another bright illustration of the authentic approach to teaching and practicing Hatha Yoga, I observed a few days after the end of the Delhi championship. This happened in the hall of Vishvaytan Yogashrama (now the Morarji Desai Institute), where Igor Alexandrovich and Bal Mukund Singh sat on the floor drinking tea. When Igor and I came to Singh, he was just giving the next assignment to a plump blond lady of post-Balzac age. “Who is this? I asked. “Ah, from the French embassy, I do yoga therapy with her,” Singh replied. We began to drink tea and talk about something, the lady was doing something on her rug, when suddenly Mukund Singh is a respected consultant of the Government of the Republic of India on yoga, honored Guruji and a yoga master, successor to the great Brahmachari and methodologist of the government institution – jumped to his feet, ran to the fat elderly woman who was just at that very moment performing the pashchimotanasana (stretched oblique sitting), and began to ride like a mad monkey on the back of the venerable Frenchwoman, joyfully screaming in a throaty voice: “Deeper !! Deeper! “(Deeper, deeper). On the helplessly squeezed question from below: “Maybe, tomorrow? ..” (Maybe tomorrow), followed by an equally heart-rendingly joyous uncompromising answer: “NOW !!! NOW !!! “(Now! Now !!!) and another series of desperate jumps on the spine of a very large aunt bent in three deaths … Then, when my aunt left, and we drank tea, I asked Singh:” Hey, my friend, what are you doing? How can you be done? “(Alle, friend, what are you doing, how can you do this?). To which Singh replied with a laugh: “It MUST be done. She already can. Just to show her that there is nothing to be afraid of. I jumped over her back. She knows that the worst is over. Now she can, just need to show her that there is nothing to fear, I jumped on her back, she knows that the worst thing is over. Now this position is no longer a problem for her) … ”

Someone else here wants to tell something about the correct gradualness in yoga and honored teachers?

Well, even if the great Indian gurus give such an example – what can we expect then from ordinary instructors?

By the way, here are the results from such exercises (Sidersky):

“And after the photo session, Bal Mukund Singh quietly asked Igor:” Do you want me to show you something? “” Well? – answered Igor. Singh called one of the guys, told him to turn his back and said to Igor: “Tuck a finger in his spine at the level of the waist.” Igor obeyed and pressed his index finger on the guy’s back somewhere at the level of the upper lumbar spine. The finger fell in the back. There was no spine under it. Igor was in shock. “Here,” explained Bal Mukund Singh, “because of the practice of hyper-bends, his spine has warped, the lumbar lordosis has acquired a catastrophic form, the spine has gone deeper and now he maims the insides. Another two or three years, and the guy is disabled. It is already impossible to help him … ”

By the way, Iyengar himself also got serious problems with the locomotor apparatus by the age of 60. The official version says that he allegedly damaged the spine and legs in the car accident, and then some other accidents were.

There are reasons not to believe the word of this comrade, who wrote a complete book of nonsense (“Clarifying Yoga”), like the following:

allegedly burns fat from the pelvis and hips (Sic!)

It is hard to believe the word of a man who proclaims his adherence to the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” as the main source of yogic practice and while ignoring the blue eye is the fact that there are no asanas in the “Patanjali” and the only thing that is said about them – the posture [for meditation] should be firm and comfortable.

But if you can not trust the supreme guru in anything, if he operates with some absurd inventions and violent actions – then how can you trust his disciples?

OK, some adepts say, – I believe first of all to my body! If yoga classes with this teacher are comfortable, do not cause any pain and problems – then the teacher is good!

In this position, there are several vulnerabilities at once.

1) Not always pain means harm, in physical culture it is exactly the other way around. For example, in fitness classes often have to endure, if you want to get the effect. Pain (burning) should occur in the muscles during the exercise “to failure” – and this is normal. The most useful disposable exercise can and should even cause pain with the right technique. Just need to know what kind of pain can and should be tolerated, and which – you can not in any case.

Here you come to a yoga class and you are offered to take some pizdravasana. How do you or your teacher know what sensations are acceptable in it, and which ones are not? After all, there is no scientific research, and the book from the guru, where this asana is offered, is just a set of nonsense from the point of view of science and medicine?

2) If you do not have any pain / discomfort NOW this does not mean that you do not spoil your health for the future. Sometimes the harm can be severely delayed. For example, if you have problems with varicose veins, you are strictly counter-indicative of any postures that impede blood circulation in the legs. All these seats are kneeling, crossing legs, etc.

Spoiled veins at first do not give themselves out, but will be shot after many years. In general, this topic requires a whole post, and this will just be the third part of the educational program.

As a postscript, I would like to add that, of course, there is always a chance to meet such a good teacher of yoga who, having medical education and clinical experience, will simply throw out useless / harmful poses or modify them in the right direction, take into account all medical contra-indications of students and in fact, turn yoga into a healthy exercise.

But, if he is not only clever, but also an honest man, then he will throw it together and this is a fashionable name. Why would he deceive him? So, if a person says that he is doing yoga classes, this should already cause suspicion in itself.

Likbez about yoga, part 3

3. Yoga is safe, if you approach with intelligence! No fanaticism, you have to listen to your body and do everything gradually! And if you feel that you are getting better – then yoga is useful.

So the apologists of yoga speak most often. Of course, there is some truth in this position, but in general this is also a profound error. To cause irreparable harm to your health with the help of yoga can be very comfortable and gradual. It provides a lot of opportunities for this. Here are just some of them.

1) it is overgrowth of ligaments.

It must be understood that the joint retains the ligaments. These are such dense rags that attach to the bones and tighten the joint. They do not allow him to break into pieces and limit the amplitude of the motion, so that you can not bend the limbs anywhere.

And these ligaments have such a disgusting feature – elasticity limited to about 10% stretching along the length [Dr. James Garrick, M.D., orthopedic surgeon, Peak Condition]. That is, if you at least once exceeded this threshold, they will never fall back. The joint will remain hypermobile for the rest of life. And this hypermobility is fraught with very unpleasant consequences, up to the complete destruction of the joint due to osteoarthritis. This is a medical fact. Accordingly, it is not necessary to be surprised by similar certificates from doctors:

Yoga may be good for your karma, but it’s terrible for your knees. Yoga can be good for your karma, but it’s terrible for your knees.

An Indian orthopedic surgeon claims that he performed an operation to replace knee joints already by many famous yoga gurus, and this was caused by the adoption of yoga poses. Problems arise in ordinary pupils. He gives examples of such traumatic knees poses – inflection to the knees, a pose of lightning (vajrasana), in which yogis often sit in the performance of breathing exercises (pranayama)

This last well does not look like extreme, does it?

Of course, this is not news for a long time, and experienced practitioners try to avoid these dangers.

For example, in order to avoid overstretching of the ligaments, it is recommended that when performing the asana, closely monitor the sensations in order to limit the stretching only by the muscles, but not by the joints of the joint. Never feel the stretching in the joints [Dr Garrik]

So you, lovers of “gradual yoga” – how do you imagine it? How do you distinguish the harmful stretching of the ligaments from the useful stretching of the muscles?

It is impossible to do this in terms of the amplitude of motion, we all have an individual length of ligaments and what is normal for one will be an unacceptable deformation for another. Moreover, he will not experience any pain! After all, the ligaments can simply be slowly pulled to non-physiological values and that’s all. In the article on the link above the companion writes – it is impossible that there were sensations inside the joint. About the pain of speech does not go. Are you sure you will be able to recognize these feelings?

There are still shouting objecting: but what about gymnasts, dancers, athletes? Yes, they also suffer. But they are taking a professional risk. No one promises them eternal youth and health, like yoga. In addition, increased mobility of the joint can be compensated by pumping it with muscles.

What is the basis of all sports training techniques, but not yogic? The sports stretch is just one of the elements in a powerful dynamic preparation, strengthening the ligaments, tendons and muscles. Yogis are abusing static. Have you ever seen at least one running / jumping / spinning guru on the bar? Their health is sufficient only with a grief in half to reach the hall and twist there in the pretzel.

So: any practitioner of yoga, seriously risks to inflict long-term harm to the joints, even without the patience of pain or special violence against oneself.

2) And are you all right with the veins?

The fact is that with varicose veins, to which 89% of women and up to 66% of men in developed countries are subject to different estimates, the body positions that impede blood circulation in the legs are categorically contraindicated. In general, with varicose veins, even sitting, throwing his foot on his leg – it is impossible. And you need to move as much as possible – to walk, swim.

And what do we see in yoga? Everything is exactly the opposite

The king of all asanas, the card of yoga, the most important is the lotus position.

It can be called simply – Hello Varicose!

Yes, just crossed in any way the legs are unacceptable. And what is characteristic is that you will not feel anything harmful. Year after year you will be engaged in this chuhnyu, and your veins somewhere under the skin will get worse and worse. When the venous nodes creep in with age, it will be too late, only surgical intervention will remain.

Strictly speaking, with varicose veins, ordinary yoga should be contraindicated because of static stress and sedentary postures. Although in principle you can certainly make a set of therapeutic exercises for varicose veins and call it for some reason yoga. And the meaning? And where is yoga in general?

3) And more, with regard to the connection of yoga and well-being.

Quite often there is such a motive – “thanks to yoga, I feel good.” This can be objected to by a yoga aphorism from Patanjali (hehehe): “what seems good now can eventually become a problem; what seems useful now, in time can turn into harm … ”

Learn the match in this way, comrades of yoga!

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