Sleep for 6-8 hours a day. This is just as much as necessary for sleep, and not at all the amount of time you spend in bed.

A deep sleep is the time of testosterone. Scientists who study sleep speak of its five stages, the so-called sleep architecture. Basically during sleep you go through the hour and a half cycles. The last 15 minutes of each cycle are restorative portions of deep sleep. With deep sleep our eyes move quickly. It is then that we see dreams; As if our eyes quickly look through the films projected from within.

Deep sleep is also part of the cycle with the maximum production of testosterone. It is at these intervals that men develop erections lasting an average of 15 minutes and repeating throughout the night at intervals of 1.5 hours. Therefore, men wake up (should wake up) with an erection (see “What is the lack of an erection in the morning?”). The quality and duration of deep sleep depends a lot in the physical and emotional state: resistance to stress, internal energy, including the production of sperm, strengthening bones, the emergence of ambition. In order to make a deep sleep much better, carefully follow the recommendations below.


The maximum production of testosterone occurs with absolute silence. If there are any irritating factors (any noise), testosterone production does not happen so intensively.

Use Earplugs. Sleep in absolute silence. Perhaps, you think that your bedroom is relatively free of noise. But in order to optimize sleep, it is necessary to go to extreme measures and use earplugs.

Use only high-quality ear plugs made of lightweight rubberized material. It easily bends and takes the shape of your ear. Such you will find in most pharmacies. Do not put anything home-made into your ear.

Using ear plugs, you can not hear the alarm bell, since you will sleep a deep sleep. Make sure your alarm is ringing loud enough to hear it.


Electric lighting is a relatively young invention. For many centuries a man lay down when the sun was setting, and rose with the rising. Now we can turn on the bright light at any time of the day. Our body has to get used to, and this violates the internal rhythms. Since our life is no longer connected with sunrise and sunset, the body suffers from excessive lighting. It is beneficial for production and economy, but absolutely not beneficial for quality sleep.

At night, most houses are penetrated by moonlight, street lighting and light from nearby houses. There are many curtains, curtains and blinds capable of reducing the penetration of light into your home. However, the most effective technique is a mask for sleeping.

Wear a mask for sleep. There is a difference between dark and absolutely black (like pitch). Sleep in total darkness. Use for this purpose an opaque mask for sleep (you can purchase it in any pharmacy).


A mandatory condition is the optimal temperature of male testes (3 ° C less than body temperature). For this, a man during sleep should be without panties, preferably not covering the lower body or covering himself with a warm blanket (sheet).

To sleep naked is not very convenient in a society of children. Limit the children from the bedroom, keep clothes close at hand or attach a fantasy and find another way out of the situation.


Keep the room at a temperature of 18-21 ° C and discard thick blankets. If at night you wake up from the fact that you are hot or you are sweating and throwing the blanket on the floor, it means that either the room or the blanket is too warm. In order to accurately measure the temperature in the room, get a reliable electronic thermometer.

Let your room be cool enough to make you feel comfortable.

Why sleep in a cool room? Let’s say that the temperature is too high (for example, 27 ° C). Your body, in order to cool, will sweat all night long. This means that more warm blood will be delivered to the surface layer of the skin, taking out the internal heat of the body outside. In this case, the blood flows from the warm, internal area, to the periphery. You take blood from the gland, which reduces its productivity.

And now imagine that the temperature is too low, say 10 ° C. In this scenario, your body thinks as follows: “It’s too cold and you need to sacrifice such less important areas as skin, fingers, legs, ears, etc. It is necessary to direct blood inside, to the most vital objects – the brain, the heart, And other organs, including the kidneys and glands. ” This is exactly what you need.

By cooling the room, you direct blood to important organs, including glands, using the natural ability of the body to direct blood flows to various parts of it. This ability of our body saves us life, when blood pressure rises in severe bleeding, and loss of blood decreases when a limb is lost.

Obviously, it is difficult to expect a good sleep at a temperature of 10 ° C. However, you can achieve the necessary redistribution of resources in the body at a comfortable temperature of 18 to 21 ° C. Stay cool.


  • No caffeine.
  • Do not overeat.
  • No tiring exercises (sex does not count).
  • No alcohol.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not drink much before bed.

Caffeine, tedious exercises and nicotine stimulate the nervous system and drive away sleep. When overeating, blood concentrates mainly on the intestines, instead of serving the genitourinary system. In reality, this destroys the quality sleep system, known as the sleep architecture.

Similarly, if you drink a lot of fluids 2-3 hours before bedtime, you can be sure that in the middle of the night you will have to wake up and go to the toilet.


If you wake up with a poor state of health, depressed and not rested, this indicates a decrease in hormone production at night. A good sleep in a good bed contributes to the production of testosterone, which restores and maintains the entire body. Do not undermine the capabilities of your testosterone by spending a third of your life on a too soft, cheap and old bed.

Invest in the purchase of good, durable and comfortable mattresses and pillows. People who work in the hospitality industry understand this and take pride in the quality of their beds. They invest a lot of money in the purchase of resilient and comfortable mattresses, which can even have special thickening, replacing the pillow. It is not necessary to buy a state-of-the-art heated mattress, which vibrates and bends at different angles, it is enough just to choose a reliable brand mattress that will last you a long time.

Sleep on a bed of the appropriate size. If your partner often bothers you with “acrobatic tricks”, get a big bed. Pets and children also need to sleep separately from you.

Having created all the necessary conditions for sleep, you will provide yourself a good basis for the development of male hormones.

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