How to understand that a person is mentally ill? Signs of mental disorders

How to understand that a person is mentally ill? Signs of mental disorders

We live in a time when tantrums and protracted depressions have become commonplace for many. Each of us is familiar with a state when close people behave inadequately or suffer from insomnia themselves, twisting the same obsessive thought in my head all night. But these are signs of a prepsychotic state: anxiety, insomnia, unwillingness to live, hysterics, an attack on others, an attempt at suicide, and abrupt mood changes. In order to identify abnormalities in the psyche, it is necessary to observe a person in a hospital for 30 days, and in some cases, to diagnose schizophrenia, it is necessary to examine the patient for 6 months.

Mental illness is not only schizophrenia, it also includes neurosis, psychosis, mania, panic attacks, paranoia, dementia and bipolar disorder. In turn, each mental disorder is divided into several types. It is believed that if situations that cause acute stress reactions in people: hysterics, crying, assault, nervous tremors and other aggressive actions directed at others or towards themselves are episodic and disappear after a while, then they do not interfere with life and are not abnormality.

However, it often happens that after the examination the doctor doesn’t reveal any mental disorders in the patient, and after a while he makes a hard planned murder or harms his health or others. This is a clear deviation in the psyche and in order not to become a victim of such a patient, it is very important to have some ideas about the signs of mental disorders and how to behave when communicating or even living with them.

Nowadays, many people are forced to live together or in the neighborhood with alcoholics, drug addicts, neurasthenics and elderly parents with dementia. If you delve into the subtleties of their daily life, you can easily come to the conclusion that absolutely mentally healthy people simply do not exist, but there are only under-examined people.

scandals, accusations, threats, assault, unwillingness to live, and even suicide attempts are the first signs that the psyche of the participants in such conflicts is not in order. If such human behavior repeats itself from time to time and begins to influence the privacy of other people, then it is a question of mental illness and requires examination by a specialist.

Deviations in the psyche are primarily manifested in the fact that a person’s perception of the world changes and their attitude to the people around him changes. Unlike healthy people, people with deviations in the psyche, seek to satisfy only their physical and physiological needs, they do not care how their inappropriate behavior will affect the health and mood of others.

They are cunning and attentive, egoistic and hypocritical, unemotional and resourceful. It is very difficult to understand when a person close to you shows excessive anger, aggression and unfounded accusations against you. Few are able to keep calm and accept inappropriate behavior of a loved one associated with mental disorders. In most cases, people think that a person is mocking him, and they are trying to use “educational measures” in the form of morals, demands and evidence of innocence.

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