How to maintain health after 60 – 65 years for a woman

Unfortunately, age not only adds wisdom, changes in the body inevitably begin with it, chronic diseases become aggravated, and new, unpleasant symptoms appear. And it is almost impossible to maintain a woman’s health after 60 years without expert advice, regular medical examinations and lifestyle changes. Yes, genetics is an important factor, but a responsible attitude to your body plays a huge role. So, what measures to take in order to continue to live actively and enjoy every new morning.

What a woman needs to know about herself after sixty

To any negative phenomenon on the part of the body, the attitude is fatal – age, what can you do! And this is fundamentally wrong, such an attitude is only harmful and contributes to an oppressed state and, as a result, “revelry” of ailments. Old age is a time for balanced decisions, a responsible attitude to one’s body and spirit, and a heightened perception of joyful moments. And health after 60 years can and should be strengthened. To do this, you need to know what changes occur in the body and how to live with them: 

  • Hormonal adjustment. There are two turning points in a woman’s life: menarche and menopause. The end of menstruation means the extinction of reproductive function, the ovaries stop producing estrogens, and these hormones regulate the functioning of the cells of the central nervous system, skin, bones, mammary glands, and the genitourinary system.
  • Changes in cartilage. The cartilage becomes less elastic, there is a gradual replacement of its bone tissue. The intervertebral discs decrease in size, stoop appears.
  • Aging of the central nervous system. The number of neurons decreases, which means that the ability to adapt decreases, performance and memory deteriorate.
  • Decreased thyroid function. The intensity of metabolic processes decreases, muscle tone weakens, and the amount of cholesterol in the blood increases.
  • This is not a complete list of the changes that are taking place, but this is already enough to put an end to health in horror after 60 years. 
  • What health, when is that ?! In fact, everything is not so scary, the processes do not develop immediately and are very extended in time. Moreover, negative consequences can be minimized by observing certain rules. But first about the main thing – about the fight against diseases.

• Decreased immunity with age         

  • The immunity of all mammals is regulated by innate and adaptive mechanisms. And if congenital is present throughout life, adaptive functions weaken with age. It is associated with aging and degradation of the thymus, the organ that produces T-lymphocytes. Namely, these cells are the first to “attack” bacteria, viruses, and tumor cells. It turns out, in addition to all other negative manifestations, the body also remains defenseless against diseases. However, the good news is that the aging of the thymus can be halted and, moreover, reversed!
  • Recently, scientists have been actively looking for and finding evidence of the benefits of a low-calorie diet. So, for example, it was found that the hunger hormone ghrelin affects the process of restoring thymus tissues (even special “vitamins” have been developed, drugs that imitate its action). Therefore, periodic (once a week) 24-hour fasting is considered as a possible “recipe for youth.”

Possible, because evidence-based medicine operates on the data of long-term research, and so far such a base has not been developed. But in any case, in the absence of problems with the digestive system, it will be good to arrange one fasting day a week. In addition, the less fatty (it is fatty, and not any) food a woman eats, the more chances she has to strengthen the immune defense.

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Each person has the opportunity to improve their well-being, the only problem is that this requires restructuring their outlook on life, behavior, and habits. For example, everyone knows how beneficial exercise is, but not everyone does it. Moreover, if they do it, it is reluctant, out of hand, or, conversely, zealously and fanatically. Whereas sport, or rather, physical activity, should become the norm of life, like eating and drinking. Here are some guidelines for active exercise:

  • Regularity. Rather than “dying” in the gym twice a week, it’s better to do a little exercise every morning.
  • Preference for cardio workouts . For those who are in good physical shape, strength exercises can be left, but for the rest it is better to focus on cardio training (running, walking, aerobics, yoga).
  • Comfortable rhythm. Do not strain too hard to get in shape faster. You need to monitor your pulse and breathing, if you can’t say two or three words without a pause, it’s better to take a break and catch your breath.
  • Obligation. If the goal is to postpone old age, no reservations are accepted. In the heat, rain, snow, in a bad mood or a fit of laziness – classes are required! At least twice a week for 30 minutes.
  • In addition to sports, it is worth gradually tempering the body. You can start with rubdowns with cool water, a contrast shower. This has a good effect on the vascular tone, but too extreme temperatures should be avoided. It’s good if there is an opportunity to regularly do massage, better, professional, but everyone can stretch their arms and legs on their own. And you cannot give yourself indulgences, the way of life after 60 years depends on you, and not on the numbers in the passport.

• How to eat right         

  • The principle of healthy eating for women in old age can be formulated very succinctly – eat less. Portions need to be reduced, and not just because every extra piece turns into fatty tissue. The body’s energy costs are reduced, and three full meals are no longer so needed. It’s good if there is an opportunity to translate quantity into quality: olive oil instead of sunflower oil, fish instead of meat, fresh vegetables instead of cereals and potatoes. Of course, in this place it is impossible not to remember the average size of pensions, but, alas, with age, health will cost more and nothing can be done about it.
  • Are you on a diet now?
  • Well no
  • By reducing the portions, we automatically reduce the intake of valuable trace elements and vitamins into the body. Vitamin supplements and dietary supplements will help improve the situation . For example, calcium and vitamin D should be an obligatory food supplement, this is the best prevention of osteoporosis. Omega 3, chondroprotective agents , neurotransmitters , these are just the beginning of a huge list of drugs and supplements that are designed to improve body functions. And you should not neglect the achievements of pharmaceuticals , already now the effectiveness of many drugs has been proven experimentally.

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