How does body weight affect health?

What does the number on the scales actually mean? How is it related to all the reasons why you dream of losing weight? Perhaps you want to look more attractive, improve your health, get into your favorite jeans, or wear a beautiful dress hanging in a closet for many years, improve your physical shape, return to youth, or simply comfortable living with fewer kilograms? The figure on the scales is not what determines your success or failure. There are a great many ways to determine progress and success, in addition to constantly monitoring the scales. There is only one reason why you can talk about “normal” or “ideal” weight and this reason is your health. It is scientifically proven the relationship between weight and certain health problems, which can lead to serious illnesses or even death. Although your weight may not be the cause of some diseases, it is absolutely certain that people whose weight is more or less than the “norm” are much more susceptible to various health problems.

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