How antibiotics affect children’s body

How antibiotics affect children’s body

Antibiotics are excellent for treating infections caused by bacteria, fungi and protozoa. In the presence of diseases that cause the above pathogens, without the help of antibiotics can not cope in any way.

The harmful effects of antibiotics on the child’s body (in one way or another) are manifested in the following situations:

When the wrong preparation.

Very often parents, in case of illness of their beloved, do not always hurry to consult a doctor. Having seen the familiar (or similar) symptoms of the disease, they independently prescribe the child treatment, based on previous experience. Usually such “treatment” ends with certain complications and even hospitalization of the baby.

When the necessary duration of treatment is not observed.

Typically, antibiotics are prescribed for a course of 5 to 10 days (in some situations and up to 14 days). Quite a frequent phenomenon – the abolition of treatment for 2-3 days of taking an antibiotic. Mom explained their position as the only excuse: “The child has become better! Here he is already running, jumping and the temperature is within the norm. Why should he be stuffed with chemistry? ” And they stop treatment at the stage of visible improvement. Usually, after a few days, they again visit the doctor with previous complaints and symptoms. But only the state of the child after such “initiative” already requires more serious treatment.
When together with the antibacterial drug an antiallergic agent is prescribed. Antibiotics, like any other pharmaceutical preparations, can cause an allergic reaction. That is why it is very irrational to take antibiotics and antihistamines together. In this situation, you will never know if a certain antibiotic is like a baby or not.

When a child takes antibiotics too often.

Now many people will have a question: “How often is it like?”. The concept is slightly stretchable. Let’s find out what specialists think about the frequency of taking antibiotics. Pediatricians claim that if a baby takes antibacterial drugs (if necessary, following all recommendations) 2-4 times a year, then this treatment should not bring any particular harm to his body. Serious negative consequences may occur in the case of more frequent prescribing of these drugs (monthly or more than 5-6 times per year) without proper restorative therapy.

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