Headache – a pain in the skull area that occurs in various painful conditions; one of the most common types of pain. Headache often accompanies diseases of internal organs ( duodenitis, gastritis, cirrhosis , osteochondrosis , etc.), infections ( acute gastroenterocolitis , etc.), poisoning, various nervous and mental disorders.      

The immediate cause of Headache is irritation of painful nerve endings both in the cranial cavity and in the soft tissues of the head and face. Cranial arteries – superficial and deep, as well as venous sinuses of the dura mater, are particularly sensitive. Some cranial nerves (trigeminal, tongue- pharyngeal, vagus) and 3 upper cervical nerves are very painful .

The causes of Headache are diverse. Most often, it is observed in violation of intracranial and extracranial circulation.
Headache can be caused by an increase in blood pressure (for example, with hypertension ), overflow of blood vessels in the brain in some cases, anemia of the brain with simultaneous painful expansion of the vessels of the meninges and temporal arteries in others (as happens with migraines ).  

Often, headache occurs with increased intracranial pressure due to stagnation of blood in the brain. One of the causes of Headache is the accumulation in the blood of certain products of normal or impaired metabolism (adrenaline, histamine, acetylcholine, etc.).
Recognition and clarification of the causes of Headache requires a thorough examination of the patient.


Treatment should be aimed at eliminating the underlying cause (diseases of internal organs, infections, hypertension, impaired integrity of the skull tissue, etc.). The headache caused by overwork, functional disorders of the nervous system is most easily treated . In these cases, sometimes it is enough to streamline sleep, nutrition, work and rest. There are numerous symptomatic agents that relieve Headache:  

  •                Antispasmodics – Spazmonet , Nalgezin , Spazmoblok , Tempalgin , etc. 
  •                NSAIDs – Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Nimesil , Diclofenac sodium, etc.  

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