Gebefreniya – synonyms, diagnosis, prognosis

Gebefreniya – synonyms, diagnosis, prognosis

Synonyms: juvenile schizophrenia, disorganized form of schizophrenia, Hecker’s schizophrenia, hebephrenic syndrome

Definition of hebephrenia. Manifesting schizophrenia in adolescence, with affective-volitional disorders (foolishness, absurd antics, tendency to eccentricity, pronounced features of childishness), accompanied by antisocial behavior (variant malignant adolescent schizophrenia)

The main symptoms of hebephrenia. Affective disorders: foolishness, flattening of affect, gaiety or indifference, sometimes grotesque inappropriate behavior (laughter in serious or sad situations), thought disorder (“leap of ideas”, disorganization of thinking, paralogical thinking, mimoglozhenie)

Diagnostic criteria:
– ICD-10 F20.1
– Common to schizophrenia diagnostic criteria
– Long-term superficial or flattened affect or prolonged inadequacy or irrelevance of affect
– Purposeless behavior or obvious disturbances of thinking (incoherent speech with inconsistent presentation)
– The presence of hallucinations or delusional phenomena is not pathognomonic

Current and prognosis of hebephrenia:
– Often develops gradually in adolescence
– In the case of the malignant form of juvenile schizophrenia, the course is chronic, progressive (flattening of the affect and reduction of stimuli, “gradual extinction”), sometimes with short-term remissions. The prognosis is serious, unfavorable

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