Formula goal

Among the various tasks solved by self-hypnosis, a special place is occupied by those that are still I.G. Schultz called the “main goal” or “main intention.” The essence of them is as follows. A person defines a goal that is very important to him — for example, to successfully complete an institute. Then every day, using appropriate formulas (for example, “The meaning of life is to graduate from the institute”, “To subdue all forces to study”) He inspires himself these thoughts several times a day – always on the night before falling asleep and in the morning after waking up. And he gradually achieves that the set goal not only begins to “saturate” his consciousness, but also subordinates that area of ​​mental activity, which is called the “sphere of the unconscious”. Such systematic “soaking” of oneself with the formulas of a certain goal or a certain intention leads to the fact that a person really acquires the planned qualities he needs, and his behavior becomes (until unconscious automatism!) The way the goal requires.

A well-known example of mastering the goal formulas is provided by the famous German physician and traveler Hannes Lindemann . Before sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, which he decided to do alone on an ordinary rubber boat used to rescue passengers in an accident of ships, Lindeman “saturated” himself with only two goal formulas for a few weeks – “I can cope!” And “Course West!”

In his book “Autogenic training,” Lindeman writes that he has not yet felt that these formulas, so to speak, “soaked him through and through”, he did not dare to go out into the ocean. And they really helped him – one might even say, saved him. This is how Lindemann describes the effect of the second formula:

“The formula“ Course West! ”Was decisive for my journey, that is, the direction was strictly to the west. In case of deviation from this course, inevitable death was waiting for me. Therefore, in response to every slightest disobedience of the boat, the warning “Wester!” Should immediately be heard in me. And this formula, fixed to full automatism, awakened me from delirium caused by insomnia, as true as the huge cold waves rolling through the boat.

In the last 18 days of the voyage, a sharp, sometimes galeful trade wind was blowing, holding me in constant tension. The accumulated sleep deficit these days became unbearable. The brain was in a strange and painful state between sleep and wakefulness. And yet, surrounded by the roaring elements, I often heard how a huge wave, raising the boat, hissed only: “ Wesst ! Weight ! ”- repeating the formula of life fixed in the subconscious:“ Course West! ”Hallucinations often flared up, one of which was well remembered. In delirium, I talked to an African:

–   Where are we going?

–   To my master.

–   Where does your master live?

–   In the direction of the west!

The word “West” immediately awakened me, I glanced at the compass and clarified the course. This example shows that the formula of intention can even break through hallucinations – a fact not known then in psychiatry. From the example it is also seen that the formulas of auto-suggestion are as stable as post-hypnotic suggestion. ”

Twice during the storm, the boat turned over, and Lindeman , being in the cold waves of the Atlantic, for hours spent clinging to the slippery bottom of his little ship, until it was possible to turn him back to normal. The German traveler, in his own conviction, was able to overcome all these incredible difficulties only because he firmly “absorbed” the goal formula – “I can handle it!”

I think it is useful for everyone to make up for themselves the formulas for the main goal for him and, using their power, help himself in the fulfillment of his dream, in the realization of the most important task of life.

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