Factors determining a woman’s health after 40 years

The changes taking place in women after 40 also negatively affect the psychological state of women. To take action, you should identify the factors that affect the state of the body and its individual functions.

So, changes in adulthood occur for the following reasons:

  • improper nutrition;
  • lack of adequate care;
  • hormonal changes;
  • deterioration of metabolism;
  • deterioration of the excretory system;
  • low physical activity and lack of sports in the life of a lady;
  • decreased immunity.

These are risk factors that contribute to the deterioration of blood circulation and, as a result, the supply of cells and tissues with oxygen. The epidermis loses its tone and elasticity, the work of the sweat and sebaceous glands is disrupted, the amount of subcutaneous fat increases. At the same time, muscle mass is lost.

Healthy lifestyle

To correct the situation and support the female body after 45 years in a working condition, you should not immediately take all kinds of drugs. It is necessary first of all to reconsider your lifestyle and pay special attention to health.

To do this, you should provide at least minimal physical activity. This can be morning exercises, physical education or full-fledged sports. The main thing is that the body remains in good shape.

You also need to be more outdoors. Walking can be combined with exercise. This will provide the body with oxygen and slow down the withering process.

Additionally, you need to review your diet and sleep, provide your skin with full care.

All this is worth considering in more detail.

Proper nutrition

With the onset of maturity, changes occur in the female body, which are caused by a lack of vitamins, minerals and other substances necessary for the full functioning of the body.

To restore and prevent the acceleration of the occurrence of age-related transformations, nutrition should be completely revised. So, the following vitamins should be in the daily diet:

  • Vitamin C . The health of a woman after 45 is directly dependent on this vitamin. It has an antioxidant effect and promotes collagen formation in tissues. Thus, the lady remains young and beautiful longer. The substance can be obtained from citrus fruits, strawberries, sauerkraut, etc.
  • Retinol . Vitamin A protects the body of a mature person from atherosclerosis, cancer and other problems. You can get it from soybeans, various vegetables and fruits, and seafood.
  • Group B . Substances are essential for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular and other systems. Can be obtained from nuts, legumes, fish.
  • Tocopherol . Vitamin E helps to maintain youthfulness and beauty of the skin, hair, nails, increases the turgor of the epidermis. Contained in vegetable oils, soybeans, nuts.

Also, the adult body needs potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, magnesium and other minerals.

Your diet should include: meat and fish, vegetables, fruits, cereals, soy, nuts, beans, eggs, dairy products.

Additionally, you must drink enough water.

To exclude from the diet:

  • alcohol;
  • sugar;
  • salty;
  • smoked;
  • fatty;
  • fast food ;
  • baking.

The body should receive fats in a minimum amount. Salt can be replaced with soy sauce. However, they should not get carried away either. Alcohol is allowed once a week. The maximum amount is 1 glass of good dry wine.

You can also occasionally treat yourself to a piece of dark chocolate.

Dishes can be baked, boiled, cooked in a double boiler. Grilling is sometimes allowed. Frying in a pan must be discarded. These foods are high in fat and carcinogens that increase the likelihood of developing cancer.

Sleep and rest

To stay healthy, you should make changes to your daily routine. A woman should fully rest and not overwork. To do this, you can use the advice of experts:

  • sleep should be at least 7-8 hours;
  • you must go to bed no later than 22.00;
  • the rise should be approximately at the same time;
  • to create a comfortable atmosphere for sleeping, the room must be pre-ventilated;
  • watching TV before going to bed is not recommended;
  • you can take a warm bath for relaxation;
  • you can light scented candles or sticks in the bedroom;
  • it is advisable to cool the pillow a little beforehand; for this, a cold bottle is used;
  • it is necessary to sleep in darkness and complete silence.

Additionally, you can use sedatives. However, their appointment is carried out only by the attending physician. In the absence of indications for medicines, you can drink a decoction of mint or linden before bedtime.

Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep is a risk factor that affects a woman’s health and appearance. Not getting enough sleep increases your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Sports and gymnastics at 40 and 45

Changes in the female body are due to low physical activity. Sedentary work, lack of sports lead to stagnation in the small pelvis, deterioration of blood circulation, metabolism and oxygen supply to cells. It also loses flexibility and lightness throughout the body. Every now and then there are pulling pains.

Sports activities help to restore the lost smoothness of movements and coordination. Experts recommend giving preference to: swimming, yoga, long walks, oriental dancing, tennis, Pilates , etc.

Exercise develops coordination, improves metabolic processes, increases endurance, and has a positive effect on all organs and systems of a person. The skin receives much more oxygen, which results in a younger looking appearance.

Skin care

Age-related changes primarily appear on the skin. As a result of a decrease in the amount of moisture and collagen, the epidermis loses its elasticity. Excessive production of melanin contributes to the formation of hyperpigmentation. As a result, beauty and well-groomed appearance are lost. 

Expert advice helps to avoid this:

  • Protection. Creams with SPF filters should be applied to the skin regardless of the season. For summer, products with maximum protection indicators are selected. For winter, 20 units are enough. 
  • Massage. The procedure improves blood circulation, supply of cells with oxygen and other beneficial substances. 
  • Care. The skin needs moisturizing, peeling and other procedures, some of which can be done at home. 

You should also take care of taking vitamin complexes and proper nutrition, which invariably affects the condition of the skin.

Face care

To maintain youthfulness and prevent fading, it is important to pay special attention to the face. To do this, you need to provide daily cleansing, nutrition, hydration and protection. You also need to adhere to a number of recommendations:

  • The day cream is applied under decorative cosmetics in a thin layer. Nighttime is applied in a thick layer 30 minutes before going to bed.
  • Sleep only on a low pillow, face up.
  • To strengthen the muscle frame, you need to regularly do exercises that are called face building .
  • In a specialized salon, you can do a rejuvenating facial massage.
  • To increase tone and elasticity, it is recommended to make masks, use a mesoscooter and other procedures that have a positive effect on the skin.
  • Pigmented spots are lightened with special creams, lotions, masks and more.

Keeping the face youthful for many years is not an easy, however, a feasible task. The main thing is not to be lazy.

Hair care

The use of dyes with chemical components, the sun’s rays, styling equipment and other factors negatively affect the condition of the hair. They lose their natural shine, become dull and lifeless. In adulthood, the hairs actively fall out, the growth of new ones is significantly slowed down. As a result, not a trace remains from the thick hair.

Taking vitamin complexes, scalp massage, various masks and high-quality care cosmetics helps to restore the splendor of the hair . It is also important to add foods that contain plant estrogens to the diet. It can be various vegetables and fruits, vegetable oil, fish, herbs, seafood.

Additionally, contrast procedures can be performed on the scalp. It is important to avoid exposure to excessive heat. A measure is needed in everything. Better to use warm and cool water. Thus, blood circulation improves, the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized, and hair growth is stimulated.

Head massage and contrast procedures have a positive effect not only on curls and skin, but also on brain activity.

Useful drugs

Various drugs help to support the body and protect it from the negative effects of external factors. Their reception is carried out only under the supervision of a specialist. A competent doctor selects tablets based on the patient’s clinical picture, the presence of chronic diseases, as well as the individual characteristics of the body. 

The following groups of drugs are most often shown:

  • sedatives;
  • phytoestrogens ;
  • Dietary supplements ;
  • vitamin complexes;
  • hormonal pills;
  • homeopathy, etc.

A number of drugs are aimed exclusively at supporting the body, others are aimed at alleviating the condition in various pathologies, primarily the manifestations of menopausal syndrome.

It is also important to monitor the amount of cholesterol in the blood. The substance clogs blood vessels, thereby increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. To reduce it, special means are prescribed.

Positive attitude

However, neither physical activity, nor proper nutrition, nor pills and numerous care procedures will be able to restore body functions, as well as restore beauty without normalizing the functioning of the nervous system. For a woman, first of all, her emotional state is important. Only a complex of measures is able to stop aging and wilting.

Maintaining health is the main task of any modern woman. A lady should feel a surge of energy and strength, and also like herself.

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