Diet №8

Diet № 8 – one of the most popular types of diets, which is used by people suffering from obesity. It provides a portion meal. Thus, a person eats at least six times a day, but the products should not contain more than 100 grams of fat, 150 g of carbohydrates and 100 g of protein.

This is a compromise diet for many. As a rule, most nutritionists tend to remove excess carbohydrates from the human body, resulting in weight loss. Doctors who developed this diet, say that it is enough to use the main rules of the diet, and excess weight will go away.

Important advice! Do not try to choose your own diet on the Internet. This is a futile exercise, for which you will spend a lot of time, and it will not end in your favor. It is better not to regret the funds and ask for help from an experienced nutritionist or trainer. Do not forget that each person is individual, and the nutrition program should be prescribed based on your personal needs.

The diet is based on the concept: we spend more calories, but use less carbohydrates. Thus, all excess fat deposits go away. The body eventually regains its beautiful forms and relief. If you adhere to the basic laws of diet, you will be able to get rid of excess weight. It is proved that people observing the principles of diet number 8, show high results of weight loss after the first weeks.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that a diet is more a system of proper nutrition, rather than a restriction on any food. Nutritionists do not just tell you what you need to do to get rid of excess weight, but also teach you how to eat right. Due to the fact that the intake of carbohydrates is sharply restricted in the diet, the body takes its own fat reserves to get the energy it needs.

The main purpose of diet number 8 is not to starve the body, but to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, removing from the diet starchy foods that are characterized by nutritional value. The use of a minimum amount of carbohydrates will provide the body with all the useful substances.

This diet provides a full meal. Products are selected with high demands, they should be rich in all the necessary macronutrients and vitamins. In general, the diet consists of fruits and vegetables. It is not recommended to eat vegetables, which contain starch. It is also necessary to refuse the use of spices, as they provoke the appearance of appetite. The diet provides cooking dishes without salt and pepper. Alcoholic drinks, soda and sweets need to be excluded from the diet in principle!

It is important to observe the body’s water balance. A healthy person should drink at least two liters of water a day. Tea, juices and mineral water are not included in the list. An exception can be considered hydrocarbonate mineral water

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