Causes of short temper

The considered concept is not considered the best feature, because uncontrollable anger can seriously complicate the existence and disrupt the relationship with the environment. With a nervous excitement, which is often accompanied by anger and aggressiveness, it is difficult to analyze what was said and choose the right words. As a result, the quick-tempered individuals often feel ashamed of their unworthy behavioral manifestations. However, after a rather short period, this situation is repeated under the influence of a number of circumstances.

Spitfire is a very dangerous phenomenon in psychology, as it drives negative emotions into the depths of consciousness, generating mental problems, a frustration of communication and self-perception.

To the reasons provoking excessive temper tantrums, it is possible to attribute various stressors or unjustly caused offenses.

Common factors that cause the condition in question are: regular lack of sleep, bad habits, constant anxiety, improper diet, abuse of low-calorie food, increased anxiety, accumulated fatigue, vitamin deficiency, depression, life troubles.

Often, increased excitability signals the presence of infectious ailments, mental pathologies, digestive tract diseases, diabetes mellitus. In addition, the temper may be caused by dysfunction of the thyroid gland.

Spitfire in the female part of the population often occurs during pregnancy or menopause. This condition is associated with ongoing hormonal changes in the body. The sons of Adam suffer from excessive excitability due to a decrease in the production of the hormone testosterone. Also, science has proved that this feature, if it is a stable characteristic, has a hereditary nature.

Individuals who have low self-esteem often overestimate the bar in front of them. As a consequence, they can not match their own contrived image of the ideal “I”. This causes discord in family relationships, problems in the working environment. The result is a constantly present irritability, firmly rooted in the mind. To avoid this, you do not need to compare your own achievements with the successes of other individuals.

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